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Eley Hawk

Founded in London in 1828, Eley Hawk is a truly iconic British brand with a rich heritage that has been crafted over the years to become synonymous with leading shooting performance not only in the UK but around the world. With almost 200 years of manufacturing the finest clay and game cartridges, no other UK cartridge brand has the depth of history nor component innovations that remain in use today.  

Eley Hawk bases its excellence on in-house technological developments, which are the outcome of continuous investment in research, development, and innovation. This has led Eley Hawk to become the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad, leaving no trace in the environment and leading the way in producing high-quality steel and bismuth cartridges as an alternative to lead.  

Nearly 200 years of experience has enabled the brand to develop a wide range of products and components to meet the highest demands of clay and game shooters across the world, becoming the benchmark for the evolution of the shotgun cartridge sector and an integral part of the fabric of shooting. 

Research and development are a key part of Eley Hawk’s success. Innovative new product lines have allowed them to consistently rank as one of the industry’s world leaders. Eley Hawk’s team of experts continuously produce precision-made cartridges, each requiring a different performance, from improved muzzle velocity or a faster down-range velocity to less recoil, with each determining a different formula of cartridge ingredients. 


Not only are Eley Hawk’s cartridges the epitome of innovation, but they are also the hallmark of quality. The inspections defined in the quality assurance plans are extensive and span from dimensional and visual analysis to hardness inspections. As a result of these strict quality assurance inspections and technological processes, Eley Hawk achieves the highest precision in the subsequent performance of the components of its cartridges.  

Eley Hawk is proud to hold the strictest quality and safety control, IS0 9001-2015, and recently achieved IS0 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.