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Can I have a gun cabinet in a static caravan?

What if you don't live in a traditional bricks and mortar property? David Frost advises.

static caravans

Is there any way you are allowed to have a gun safe in a caravan?

I have recently moved from a bungalow into a static caravan parked in a field. I do pest control for various farms locally. I have up to date firearms certificates.

I was wondering if I could put my gun cabinet in a caravan where I am living. I plan to erect a big plate steel the other side of the wall to hold the cabinet. Would this fulfil the legal requirements to have my gun safe firmly attached to a solid wall? What do you think? What would the firearms officer say when he or she comes to do the inspection. Do you think it would pass?

Gun cabinets, caravans and keeping your guns safe and secure.

There’s no reason why you should not keep firearms in a static caravan but as you recognise the security requirements differ from those for a house.

Your caravan should be fixed to the site or at the very least have no wheels or towing hitch so as to prevent it being easily towed away. (Which would of course mean that your gun cabinet was also portable, which is not what you want).

Nor should it be possible for the criminally minded to gain access to the underside of the caravan.

Normally the gun cabinet must be bolted to the chassis of the caravan. In fact the law says that a gun cabinet must be securely clamped at four points to a wall.  For more advice on moving gun cabinets to a different location read here.

These are the main considerations but your firearms officer will give further advice, if need be, when he or she visits.

I’d advise you to contact the police before you make any changes to your living space or move your guns into the caravan from wherever they are securely stored at the moment. Discuss security with them and see what they have to say and advise on the matter. Only then can you make any definitive arrangements.