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Hatsan’s FieldHunter pump-action shotgun has proven popular

Not for the traditionalists but it is a rugged and reliable tool that will work hard

Hatsan Fieldhunter

Hatsan Fieldhunter

Hatsan Fieldhunter

Hatsan Fieldhunter

The award-winning Turkish gunmaker is well known for producing shotguns and the 3-inch magnum chamber FieldHunter pump action shotgun is ideal for pest controllers and pigeon shooters.

Available in a black synthetic, Mossy Oak patterns Break-Up, Obsession & Shadow Grass or Magic Wood, the FieldHunter comes in 12 and 20-bore with varying barrel lengths up to 30 inches including left-hand and marine versions.

The FieldHunter comes with the latest design features including a checkered and ventilated anti-glare rib, manual cross-button trigger safety and a magazine capacity of 2+1, 4+1 or with the magazine extension accessory 7+1 rounds.

Hatsan Escort Pump

Every time I pick up a pump-action shotgun I still feel a slight vibration as my ancestors turn in their…

Edgar Brothers’ managing director, Derek Edgar, commented: “When we launched the Hatsan Escort Semi-Auto we knew we had a runaway success on our hands. When we released the FieldHunter we were amazed how much demand was out there for the pump action shotgun and the FieldHunter has become another huge success.”

Hatsan Fieldhunter (read our full review here)

  • The Fieldhunter come with the options of a 2+1 magazine so can be held on a shotgun certificate
  • Alternatively the Fieldhunter comes with a 4+1 which requires an FAC
  • Not a gun for a formal day but a gun that is a working tool, eg for walking along hedgerows
  • Check the proof marking before using steel shot
  • Also for pigeons, vermin or a fun clay session
  • Spacers allow the butt to be altered to fit the user
  • Shims can change the slope of the stock
  • Dovetail grooves allow fitting a red dot sight
  • Moulded checking allows for comfortable use
  • Weight is 6lb 120z
  • Safety catch is manual, cross button
  • All guns supplied as multichokes. Depending on the model these may be interior tubes or extended
  • Available in 12 or 20-bore calibres
  • Expect to pay £376 for a new Fieldhunter or from around £250 for a used version
  • Sporting Gun reviewer regarded it as “excellent value for the price”.