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How shooting boosts tourism

Tourism benefits greatly from shooting, a sport which injects hundreds of millions of pounds into the rural economy annually

To give a breakdown of how shooting supports tourism, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has produced this informative visual infographic.

You’ll notice some impressive statistics

  • Shooting tourists generate visitor nights by more than four million annually
  • Almost ten per cent of the amount spent on outdoor recreation annually is due to shooting
  • Shooters like to eat and be comfortable, spending £246 million on food and accommodation every year

shooting benefits tourism


Kate Ives, who researched the figures for BASC, said: “When the stark facts are presented it is amazing just how much shooting contributes to the rural economy, bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors and filling hotels at what would normally be the quietest time of year.”

BASC Council member Martyn Jones added: “It’s important that the economic benefits of shooting sports are widely known and this infographic vividly demonstrates just how much countryside tourism relies on shooting.”