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July launch for new Gamebore environmentally friendly cartridge

Gamebore is launching what it says is a 100% environmentally friendly shotgun cartridge

new Gamebore biodegradable cartridge

Gamebore Dark Storm with Quad Seal

Environmentally minded Shots will be able to shore up their eco credentials with an exciting new cartridge being launched by Gamebore in July – the  Dark Storm with Quad Seal  – a new version of the famous Dark Storm cartridge.

On its website Gamebore says that: “The benefits of the Quad Seal are: 100% environmentally friendly, improved ballistic consistency, reduced recoil and increased striking energy.”

Gamebore also says that its Quad Seal is: “Undoubtedly the most groundbreaking development in modern cartridge manufacturing history.”

However full details of the cartridge are not yet disclosed. When Shooting UK asked some further questions a spokesperson for Gamebore replied: “Thank you for getting in touch with us about the Quad Seal. So far we are only sharing the info in the teaser campaign – I can’t share any additional details until we launch the product.”

They did add: “Please note that the ‘100% environmentally friendly’ part refers to the Quad Seal component specifically, not the complete cartridge.”

Shooting UK spoke to Charles Bull of Just Cartridges to ask him what he thought the new Dark Storm with Quad Seal would contain. He replied: “I can’t tell you what is in it but I can tell you what isn’t in it. It won’t contain any plastic derivatives or PVA.”

No environmental trace

Last year Eley Hawk was the first UK manufacturer to offer a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges “that will leave no trace in the environment.” It also created a version for clay grounds. The cartridge was reviewed by the editor of Sporting Gun magazine who noted: “I am sure that the Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco cartridges will be the shape of things to come.”

Ideal biodegradable cartridge?

So in an ideal world, what would a 100% biodegradable cartridge look like? We asked around some keen shooters.

Shooting Times contributor Diggory Hadoke commented: “Well, for users of older British guns, the holy grail ‘future-proofing’ cartridge we need is a 65mm paper case (or biodegradable plastic), standard proof pressure, degradable cup-wad, steel shot game load of around 30g that does not recoil excessively and produces nice, even patterns and sufficient penetration at 40 yards to kill a pheasant. Not much to ask then! Or make bismuth 80% cheaper!”