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Peake brothers making a name for themselves at Dinnet & Kinord Estate

Dinnet & Kinord Estate: It is thought this is the first time that twins have become ghillies working for the same family in Scotland.

Alastair was the first of the 25-year-old brothers to start work on the Dinnet & Kinord Estate earlier this year, being employed as a ghillie on a beat of the River Dee owned by Edward Humphrey.

Following the retirement of the previous ghillie, brother William then later landed the job of ghillie on the beat at neighbouring Aboyne Castle, owned by Edward’s brother, Simon.

Edward Humphrey said: “There cannot be many instances of twins working not just for the same family but in the same profession. The fact that they are 25 years old and are keen to develop their careers on one of the top four salmon rivers is great news. The only problem is when you bump into one of the them on the riverbank sometimes it is difficult to tell which one you are talking to! It’s been great for the estate as they have brought a real enthusiasm and dynamism to the job.”

Alastair Peake said: “My brother and I are devoted to fishing and there is nowhere better than the Dee. We’ve worked on some great salmon rivers and, frankly, it is a wonderful job to have.”

Brother William added: “It’s great fun working on adjoining beats and there’s always the chance that if something goes wrong we blame each other.”

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