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Venison sales quadruple

Sales of venison have increased by £5million in a year, with supermarkets expanding their range to supply the growing demand

venison steak

Tired of the same old T-bone from the supermarket? Try venison steak with black pudding mash potato instead.

Sales of venison in the UK have jumped 400% – from £1.2million in June 2013 to £6.4million in June 2014 – and supermarkets have begun expanding their range to meet consumers’ increasing demands for this game meat.

According to the Grocer magazine Sainsbury’s will be adding a new venison line in the autumn, Tesco will roll out seven venison options and Asda will introduce venison Wellington to it’s Christmas range.

The trade journal suggests that after the horse meat scandal, shoppers have looked at alternative red meat products.

It’s no surprise the British public are coming round to cooking venison; the benefits are plentiful.It has more protein than any other red meat, it’s rich in iron, full of B vitamins and has a very small amount of fat (which is thought to contain high levels of conjugated linoleic acid that is thought to protect against heart disease and cancer).

And, as we all know, venison is utterly delicious.

Looking for a venison recipe? Shooting Gazette’s simple fallow venison steak recipe is the perfect introduction to cooking this game meat.