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Five quick game recipes to cook in under 20 minutes

If you're short of time and need to rustle up a delicious lunch or supper in short order then here are a few quick game recipes to depend on


Pigeon and wild mushroom recipe1. Pigeon and wild mushrooms

Here we’ve used chanterelles, but you can use whatever mushrooms you have handy. You’ll need a couple of pigeon breasts as well, curly kale, bacon, garlic and seasoning. Find the full recipe here.

lemon pheasant


2. Lemon pheasant 

This recipe is novice-friendly and makes a light but thick citrus sauce that brings the dish to life. It is so easy and quick to cook that it’s ready and on the table in just minutes. Family and friends will think you’ve done a professional cookery course!

duck breast salad

3. Warm duck salad with oriental dressing

Perfect for warmer weather, this serves four as a starter or six as a main course. You’ll have it on the table in a trice!


venison stir fry

4. Szechuan venison stir fry

With this one you need to do a bit of prep the day before by slicing up the venison and marinating it in wine. Then when you get in after a busy morning or long day, you’re ready to start and have something on the table in under 20 minutes. Venison works perfectly in stir fries and is the perfect alternative to chicken, pork or beef.

simple partridge recipe

5. Partridge on grilled bread with mushrooms and brandy

This is the one to cook when it’s just you and you fancy something self-indulgent, delicious and sustaining. (Although double up the ingredients and you can make it for two.)

We’re always on the look out for new recipes to feature using game. So if you’ve any to suggest e mail us here at Shooting UK.