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Our 10 most-read gun reviews

Our readers are a real mix of shooters. Some are keen on clays, others avid game shooters and then we have the air rifle brigade. Which is why we provide a real cross-section of reviews.

Here's a list of the gun reviews that are read frequently by you … interesting reading and maybe some surprises here

stopping a gundog running-in

Teach a dog to sit quietly at the peg, and only retrieve when commanded to do so.

.22 lr rifle

1. Favourite .22lr rifles Which rimfire rifle should you choose? Should you go for a heavy varmint barrel? Will you choose a synthetic or more traditional wood stock? Opt for the ability to change barrels and calibres? Most gun cabinets will have at least one rimfire in residence for pest control and our reviewer Jason Harris talks you through some top choices.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1

2. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 You’re probably not too surprised to see this one near the top of the list. It might be a cheaper model but it is built to Beretta’s usual proven design without any compromise on quality.

3. Hatsan Escort semi-auto shotgun review As our reviewer says, this Turkish-built semi-auto was always going to create a stir on its price. When it was reviewed it retailed at £544.

4. Secondhand AyA shotgun As our reviewer Mike George says, an AyA is a useful buy. He gives a comprehensive run-down of the side-by-side and over-and-under choices available and tells you what to look out for.

Browning 525

5. Browning 525 shotgun This was succeeded the B425 but as Browning stressed at the time, it was not a replacement for the B425, which is perennially popular.

scrollwork on Perazzi Ribless Game

6. Perazzi Ribless game gun.  A gun based on Perazzi’s popular MX12 although it has been designed in co-operation with Sportarm of Dorchester.  Our reviewer inspects the results of the British influence on an Italian standard.

Blaser F16

7. Blaser F16 Did it pack the punch that everyone was expecting? Launched as a mid-range entry level gun – would you agree?

8. Lanber Sporter Solid value for money and a good choice for someone new in the sport.  Or somebody who needs an all-round second gun.

Perazzi MX8

9. Perazzi MX8 The one if you’re competitive. This is the competition clay gun that’s won almost everything going.


10. Browning B725 Black Edition It may be a clay gun with a contemporary look and feel – but there’s a lot more to it than that …


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