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Hunter’s sandwich

This hunter's sandwich, containing pigeon, grouse and venison, is not a lunch to be taken lightly

This game recipe is by Richard O’Connell, the head chef at the Jugged Hare, a pub in central London that specialises in game dishes — it even allows customers to bring in their own game to be cooked. Richard also runs game masterclasses at the pub.

The hunter’s sandwich is perhaps the most magnificant way of making a meal by putting ingredients between two slices of bread. This particular recipe includes pigeon, grouse and venison and would satisfy even the largest of appetites.

• A 400g loaf of sourdough bread
• 200g shallots
• 300g mushrooms
• 150g butter
• 4 pigeon breasts
• 6 grouse breasts
• 2 venison steaks
• 250ml veal or game jus
• 2 leaves gelatin, softened
• 200g of strong Cheddar cheese

1. Slice off the top quarter of the loaf horizontally and dig out most of the centre, being careful not to pierce the sides — the inside can be saved for breadcrumbs.

2. Finely dice the shallots and mushrooms. Put 75g of the butter into a pan and cook the shallots and mushrooms until soft. Season to taste.

3. Season the game and cook it all separately in the rest of the butter to your own preference — medium is good for a sandwich like this, any rarer and it can be hard to eat. Allow the meat to rest and cool for 20 minutes.

4. Heat the jus to just below boiling and add the softened gelatin. Brush this all over the game.

5. Cut the cheese into finger-sized pieces.

6. Put layers of game, mushroom mixture and cheese into the excavated loaf, filling it all the way up to the top. Put so me of the gelatin mix on top of each layer to help it all stick.

7. Place the lid on top of the loaf, wrap in a kitchen cloth and press overnight.

8. Cut into thick wedges and serve with some piccalilli and chips or crisps.