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Pheasant and wild mushroom risotto recipe

Here's an easy way to use pheasant breasts. Serves four.

pheasant risotto with mushrooms

Pheasant and mushroom risotto

Risotto recipes are the perfect way to use game meat. This simple to make and delicious recipe for pheasant risotto with mushrooms was developed for us by the West London Shooting School and is served in its Stanbury restaurant. Whilst it’s not a complicated recipe it is a risotto, so you’ll need to keep stirring it.

Pheasant risotto with wild mushrooms


  • 4 pheasant breast fillets
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 litre chicken stock
  • 2 large glasses dry white wine
  • 400g arborio rice
  • 1 large onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 150g mushrooms sliced
  • 100g streaky smoked bacon finely chopped
  • 30g parmesan cheese grated
  • 1 sprig fresh thyme
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • Black pepper and sea salt


  1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat.
  2. Add the onions and cook until soft but not coloured.
  3. Add the bacon and rice stirring regularly. Cook until the rice begins to look translucent.
  4. Add the wine stirring constantly. Allow the rice to absorb all the wine.
  5. Ladle some stock over the rice, stir until it has been absorbed. Continue adding a ladle of stock at a time stirring regularly until the rice has cooked and your risotto has a thick creamy consistency (approximately 15 – 20 minutes).
  6. Heat another frying pan over a medium heat, add butter and fresh thyme.
  7. Season the pheasant breasts and place in the pan. Fry for approximately 5 minutes either side (until juices run clear).
  8. Remove pheasant from heat and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  9. In the pheasant pan add a little extra butter if needed and fry the mushrooms.
  10. Stir in the mushrooms and the parmesan cheese to the risotto and season with salt and black pepper to taste.
  11. Plate up the risotto and place the pheasant breast on the top .

Tip: This pheasant risotto is delicious served with fresh asparagus when in season. 

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