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Härkila Norse boots tested in the field

Some time ago Patrick Hook was sent a pair of Härkila boots for a long-term test. He's tried out a lot of the other well-known makes and he was keen to see if they would measure up

Härkila Norse boots tested in the field

My first impression on trying them on was that they were both comfortable and warm. Having used them night and day ever since, I can say with total confidence that my initial assessment was correct. Shooting on and around Exmoor in the depths of winter is enough to highlight any lack of insulation, so when I ordered them I’d made sure to choose a pair that were one size bigger than usual.

This was so that I could wear insulated under-socks without any pinching. I needn’t have worried, though. They’re so toasty they’d have been plenty warm enough without this added contribution.



The grip on the soles is excellent, which is important when you shoot on difficult terrain. Some of the hills around here are distinctly unfriendly, especially in the dark. The last thing you want is to lose your footing and either end up plummeting down a steep incline or on your behind in the middle of a large area of freezing-cold cattle slurry.

The soles are nice and quiet to walk on as well as comfortable and have excellent grip – with loads of life left in them

Further to that, they’re nice and quiet, an invaluable attribute when creeping up on quarry. This is helped significantly by the fact that the neoprene uppers don’t flap about making that characteristic ‘welly’ sound. Instead, they wrap nicely around your legs and provide some welcome extra support, too.

The leg fit is nicely assisted by a strap that runs around the back at the top. I much prefer it to be located there than on the sides, as I find the buckles don’t get tangled in the undergrowth when you’re trying to be covert. Another thing I like is that they’re nice and secure. It frustrates the life out of me when the damned things keep coming undone at inappropriate moments. These don’t, I’m pleased to say. Finished in a suitably muted green colour, they are stylish and certainly look the part.

Unsurprisingly, the specific model of Härkilas that I’ve been testing has been superseded, but I can only imagine that the new ones will be even better. I used to think that ‘technical’ wellies were a waste of money, until I actually tried a set. Ever since then, I’ve been a convert. Overall, I would say that these have been warm, comfortable, waterproof, quiet and long-lasting. I’d give them 10 out of 10 on all fronts, including – given the use I’ve had out of them – value. (If you’re looking for other kit, check out our round-ups of the best shooting vests, rough shooting jackets, best tweed shooting coats and much more, which can be found in our best buy archives here).

The straps are positioned so they don’t catch in the undergrowth and they don’t come loose at inconvenient moments