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Ruger M77 rifle review: a blast from the past

Ruger M77 Mk2 rifle review: The Ruger M77 rifle has withstood the test of time and is revamped in the Mk2, making it anything but a standard stalking rifle.

CZ512 open-sighted .22 rimfire: is this the king of the rimfires?

When it comes to rimfires, CZ (Ceská zbrojovka) has designed, built and supplied the world with pretty much every conceivable bolt-action model available. I tend to forget, however, that it actually produces a rather good semi- automatic in the guise of the 512 model, which combines CZ’s legendary accuracy with its reliable repeating-action design. This…


CZ 600 series Alpha .223 Rem

The CZ 600 Alpha .223 Rem is not your usual ‘tweak here and there’; much like the 455 to 457 makeover, this centrefire rifle is something completely different. Key features include a new bolt design, which maintains a 100% controlled cartridge feed for reliability, as well as a vertical safety system that is silent and…


Our Rating: 84%

Merkel K5 Black Extreme single-shot rifle

There has always been something very alluring about a single-shot rifle like the Merkel K5 Black Extreme.  It combines a traditional sense of sportsmanship — you have to be a good marksman with only one shot to hand. You also can appreciate the fine-handling, lightweight characteristics benefiting differing hunting scenarios, all of which seem to…


Our Rating: 86%

Sako S20 Hunter Camo Cerakote

The introduction of the Sako S20 Hunter Camo Cerakote The Sako S20 has been available now for more than two years and it has become an instant success, primarily due to the clever hybrid, adjustable and changeable format that this rifle possesses. More importantly, it is just such a natural rifle to shoot, with great…


Our Rating: 97%

Bergara BMR steel .17 HMR

Spanish gunmaker Bergara is well known for its quality barrels and range of centrefire rifles, primarily for stalking. It has now introduced a range of rimfire rifles, ideal for target shooting or vermin control. While models such as the B-14 R mimic the proportions of a centrefire, this new Bergara micro rifle — or BMR…


Our Rating: 85%

Fierce Edge 7mm-08 stalking rifle – it’s a lot of gun for the money

I am more than a little interested in custom rifles both in their appearance and more so for the sheer performance a handbuilt rifle gives you. Sadly, these days a true custom will cost the earth but I have tested three new Fierce rifles (including this Fierce Edge 7mm-08 stalking rifle) from Canada now and…


Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter rifle reviewed

Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter rifle review: Pro Hunters are seldom seen on the shelves of second-hand dealers. Why?


Our Rating: 87%

Česká Zbrojovka 457 Synthetic

A close look at the Česká Zbrojovka 457 Synthetic CZ — as Česká Zbrojovka is better known — rimfires have always been the go-to .22 LR rifle for predator control, due to the longevity of their production, value for money, excellent reliability and accuracy. The company’s classic mini-Mauser design has served it well over the…


Our Rating: 87%

Christensen Arms Ridgeline: lightweight for long days

The advantages of a lightweight rifle as a hunting tool become more appealing as the years roll by. Not only does this reduction in weight serve to reduce fatigue on a long hill stalk, but rifles like the Christensen Arms Ridgeline utilise carbon-fibre features that also enhance performance. Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifle is a compact,…


Our Rating: 89%

Bergara B14R 17 HMR: one for the rabbits

I own a Bergara B14R custom .22 rimfire as I liked the version I tested three years ago so much that I bought it and added a custom stock. Now it’s the turn of the carbon fibre-barrelled version, but this time in .17 HMR. I was interested to see how this popular calibre and rifle…