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Browning 725 Pro Trap: why it impressed

I’ve been looking at the Browning 725 Pro Trap, which as its name suggests, is built exclusively for Trap shooting. Browning 725 Pro Trap in depth Action Thankfully, in all its fundamentals the modern Browning remains unchanged. A few millimetres have been skimmed off the action’s height, but not sufficiently to compromise Browning’s original masterpiece….


Browning B725 Ultra XS Pro: why it won me over

The Browning B725 Ultra XS Pro, as used by shooters such as Sam Green and many others, is a competition shotgun in the mid range price. The demo gun I was lent had 32in barrels with an adjustable comb. The Browning arrived in a very nice hard case and was supplied with eight Investor titanium…


Miroku MK38: beautifully made and good value

Evolution of the Miroku MK38 Even as late as the 1970s, the serious Sporting clay shooter still had to rely on Trap or Skeet guns if they wanted to employ anything other than a game gun. Many found themselves seeking the competitive advantages offered by a longer-barrelled Trap gun, and at first Miroku simply flattened…


Webley & Scott Kilworth

Webley & Scott has just launched two new side-by-side shotguns. There is the Imperial — a case-hardened, sideplated boxlock in a single trigger with a grade 3.5 Prince of Wales stock that retails at £2,350 — and then there is the gun we are looking at today, the Kilworth. The Kilworth retails at just under…


Our Rating: 82%

Second-hand Krieghoff shotgun reviewed by Sporting Gun magazine

Based in Ulm, Germany, the firm of H Krieghoff has been manufacturing top-quality firearms since 1886. A family-owned company, its products are highly sought after and come with a sound pedigree.

Purdey Sporter 12-bore on test

At the end of last year, I received an email from Purdey at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School (RBSS), inviting me to a ladies’ shooting afternoon. As I didn’t really want to spend a load of money just before Christmas, I thought, instead, to send the people at Purdey an email to see if they’d…


Longthorne Berkley: “among my top five guns of all time”

On a recent quail hunting trip to North Carolina I was lucky enough to shoot not one but two different guns with 28-bore titanium barrels. The first was a limited-edition Longthorne Valkyrie trigger-plate action weighing 6lb 4oz, and the other was a sidelock over-and-under weighing in at 5lb 2oz. Both were incredible in their own…


Our Rating: 97%

Second-hand Browning B525: all-round excellence

The B525 made its first appearance in 2003, representing the latest in the range of shotguns built for Browning by Miroku and succeeding the highly popular B425 model. It is not, however, simply an updated version of its predecessor and Browning took pains to stress that it was never intended as a replacement. The first…


Zoli Z Vintage: “one of the prettiest guns I have ever seen”

This is one of the prettiest guns I have ever seen. I was so glad to finally get my hands on the Zoli Z Vintage and drool over the case hardened action as well as give it a good testing. Edgar Brothers, the importers of Zoli into the UK, kindly sent me the Zoli Z…


Mossberg 940 Pro Field

Today we are going to be looking at Mossberg’s flagship field gun, the Mossberg 940 Pro Field. The gun has a plain black action and a black plastic stock which, to my mind, lacks any semblance of style, but underneath this gun is quite exciting. The gun is a gas-system semi-automatic, meaning it uses the…


Our Rating: 77%

CRKT Pilar

Some people are really into knives, having a vast collection of blades from certain manufacturers, or even certain knifemakers, sometimes using them in the real world, but often keeping them in a drawer to be pulled out and admired on occasion. Most of the airgun shooters that I know, however, are not ‘knife guys’ as…