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Clay pigeon shooting this summer at a game or country show? Charles looks at a selection of fibre-wad shotgun cartridges to use on the day.

The new Beretta Perennia shotgun combines technological improvement with the familiarity of popular older guns. Lewis Potter asks if it will be a success in the field

Gun reviews: Westley Richards sidelock shotgun: This gun is one of a trio of Westley Richards sidelock shotguns built for an Arab sheik.

Eley clay cartridges: Eley clay pigeon shooting cartridges are some of the best around. Here we take a look at what they offer.

The Kemen Paralelas shotgun is a classy side-by-side gun designed for plenty of work, and it also has a brand new action.

Why is the .22 Hornet calibre so underrated for rifle shooting? It achieves great results and is economical both with powder charges and noise.

The .338 BR is just the thing for the deer stalking enthusiast who wants a calibre that can produce one-shot kills without damaging the meat.

Zabala Toro shotgun review: The Zabala Toro shotgun is a flamboyant looking example from this Spanish gun maker.

Steel shot wildfowling cartridges: Shooting Super Magnum cartridges is now a reality on our foreshores. Tom’s a fan of them but, he wonders, how many others will use them?…

Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun review: This Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun is made by a co-operative that dates from 1962 but claims an ancestry stretching back to 1914 and now produces…

Miroku Mk38 shotgun review: This Miroku MK38 model with 30in barrels and Teague multi-chokes is hefty, utterly reliable, inexpensive and a formidable tool for high pheasants.