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Outdoor battery packs – we share our top picks

With outdoor battery packs, you never need to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no charge again, so here are our top picks.

When it comes to getting out into the field, whether it’s for pleasure or for a living, what a kit bag looks like will differ depending on who you talk to. Indeed, some argue that you needn’t carry the world in your bag and all you need are the essentials, but others like to have the options to deal with whatever an unpredictable day or night (or both) deep in the countryside may throw at you. But we argue that one thing you absolutely must have in your bag, whether you like to move light or heavy, is an outdoor battery pack. (Looking for best fox control kit, gralloching kit, deer stalking kit or even airgun hunting and pest control kit? We have all the expert advice you need here on Shooting UK).

You never know when you might need your phone, not just for calls but for a number of different reasons (even for an emergency), and knowing that you’re covered with all the charging power you’ll need is a very reassuring feeling, leaving you to relax and focus on your stalk or your management responsibilities. So what are the best options if you’re in the market for an outdoor battery pack? We’ve picked what we think are the best options, whatever your budget might be.


Outdoor battery packs – stay charged in the field with our top picks


1. Solar Charger 26800mAh Power Bank – Hiluckey Wireless Portable Charger 3A USB C Fast Charging External Battery Pack for Cell Phone Tablets, £39.99

outdoor battery packs

  • Capacity: 26800mAh
  • Battery: Li-polymer battery
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Charge to 50% in 30 mins
  • Weight: 470g


Judging by the heavy duty case that this outdoor battery pack comes with, you could probably drop this out of a plane and it wouldn’t break (but we wouldn’t recommend putting that to the test). Very convenient in that you can charge your phone wirelessly with this battery pack, so if you’re up in a hide and you know you’re going to be there for a while, you can set your phone down on charge and not worry about getting caught up in cables if your quarry suddenly and unexpectedly comes into view. Now that might be considered a negative if you’re stalking and on the move for hours on end, but this outdoor battery pack is able to charge your phone with a USB C lead if that would work better for you (the only negative being it doesn’t come with one, but you can get them for next to nothing online or in stores).

Claimed to charge up to 50% twice as fast as competitors, this outdoor battery pack also assures that you can get an incredible eight charges for a phone and three for a tablet, and as if that wasn’t enough, there is also a solar panel on this pack, so if you want to recharge this pack on the move in the sunlight, just hang this outdoor battery pack on your kitbag and let mother nature do the work (but as with many battery packs, this should be used only as an auxiliary option). This is a great investment if you’re looking at outdoor battery packs and want value for money.



2. DJROLL 36000 mAh Solar Power Bank with 4 USB/Type C Outputs and LED Lamp, £31.99

outdoor battery packs

  • Capacity: 36000mAh
  • Battery: Li-polymer battery
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Weight: 590g


This outdoor battery pack will be a useful companion in the field, not only due to its power and dependability as a charge point but also as an LED flash light with three modes (including lighting, flashing and SOS). This outdoor battery pack has the useful feature of being able to charge four separate devices at the same time, so you needn’t have to choose! This pack is not only waterproof and dustproof but also shockproof, making it an ideal choice to throw into your kitbag and have at the ready for those long sessions in the field.



3. QTshine Solar Power Bank Type C & Micro USB Inputs, Solar Portable Charger 26800mAh External Backup Battery Pack, £24.95

outdoor battery packs

  • Capacity: 26800mAh high capacity
  • Battery: Li-polymer battery
  • Supports fast charging capability
  • Weight: 335g


This is the most affordable option on the list and for that money you get a great bit of kit but not quite as many features as the other outdoor battery packs on this list. It’s a little more lightweight and not quite as rugged as other options, so it really depends on what you would be using it for in the field. Having said that, there is still plenty to like – it has fast charging capabilities, it has a solar panel for emergency usage, and has great universal compatibility.



4. Solar Charger PS000 30000mAh Power Bank Camping Waterproof External Backup Charge with 4 Outputs & Dual Inputs 32 LED Light Flashlight Backup Battery, £27.99

  • Capacity: 30000 mAh
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 570g


Able to get a huge amount of power out of a very small and portable size, this battery pack could just be the happy medium that would suit most people. Though it’s waterproof it’s probably not the indestructible brick that others on this list claim to be, but for most people who venture out into the field in the UK, with a bit of care and consideration you shouldn’t have any problems. It boasts a capacity of between 6-8 full charges, depending on your phone, as well four outputs and two inputs, there is also a LED light function with a handy SOS set up. It’s a little detail, but this pack also comes with a charging cable, which will make life a little easier and save you a few quid.



5. EASYLONGER Portable Power Station, 72000mAh/266Wh Power Bank CPAP Backup Battery Pack Supply, £199.99

  • Capacity: 720000mAh
  • Battery: Lithium ion
  • Weight: 1.5 kg


This last entry is a less than conventional choice, but in terms of its sheer scope, we felt it warranted inclusion when it comes to viewing the full price spectrum of the best outdoor battery packs available. Yes, it’s very expensive, and it’s quite a big beast, but what you get for that investment is something that can pretty much power anything and everything you could possibly need when out in the field. Not only does this have ultra powerful and fast charging capabilities, but it can even recharge a MacBook Pro in about two hours, so you really do have all bases covered. This would probably be most useful for someone who spends pretty much every second of their working day in the field, and has to have reliable access to a powerful source of electricity for any given thing at any given moment.