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Christmas gifts for shooters

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christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

With less than a month to go until Christmas, Shooting Times offers a selection of this year's top seasonal gift choices

The Velveteen Game Carrier

Velveteen Game Carrier: "I have received my Velveteen and am totally blown away by the overall look and quality of materials used. I had great expectations for the product and I have not been disappointed." (Edward Getty - Killinchy Co Down)

SealSkinz shooting gloves

SealSkinz shooting gloves: I’ve worn the older version of these gloves for a couple of years now and, apart from not keeping my hands that warm, they’ve been excellent.

Apex Predator roe sack

Apex Predator roe sack: Brand new from Napier is the Apex Predator – a carrier that’s much more than just a roe sack.

Hamilton SlipStand

The all-new Hamilton SlipStand provides shooters with a feature rich and practical accessory, designed solely to increase gun protection, gun safety and user convenience.

LED Lenser X7R torch

Two synchonised reflector lenses, both incorporating the patented Advanced Focus System optics that LED Lenser is world renowned for, operate in perfect harmony to deliver up to 500 lumens of light.

Spyderco UK PlainEdge penknife

Spyderco UK PlainEdge penknife

I am strictly a scalpel kind of guy. Whatever butchering is required, comparing the exquisite sharpness and superior handling ability of a scalpel with that of a penknife is a bit like measuring a hand fitted Purdey against a hand-me-down Baikal.

MacWet gloves

MacWet gloves are the ‘all grip, no slip’ technologically advanced gloves.

Norma .243 bullets

Ruag has a happy knack at marketing consistently accurate ammunition and these Normas – spitting Hornady bullets – are no exception.

Napier Power UPH air rifle pellets

Napier Power UPH air rifle pellets

Many air rifle shooters insist that lubricated pellets make a difference to their group sizes, but the major benefit comes in the reduction of corrosion in the bore and a cleaner air rifle.