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Airgun range near me – we list some of the country’s best

Have you been thinking "what is the best airgun range near me" recently? Well we've put together our list of top picks from around the country that offer great shooting and even better company.

Why do we enjoy going to an airgun range? Everybody has their own answer to that question, and with an estimated 2 million regular airgun shooters in this country, you wouldn’t be short of people to ask. And given that airgunning is so popular, and seemingly on the rise, it’s no wonder that you’re never too far away from an airgun range across the country that offers a space for practice, learning, escape and fellowship. (Don’t miss our thoughts on why you should keep an airgun and the benefits of using an airgun for pest control).

There are so many reasons why, if you’re an airgun shooter, you should consider going to an airgun range (if you don’t already), but Mike Morton, regular contributor to Shooting UK’s website and editor for Airgun Shooter Magazine, perhaps put it best by saying: “An airgun range provides a safe and secure environment in which to shoot, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and whether you’re shooting reactive targets or paper ones. It’s also the perfect place to set up and test a new airgun, and of course it gives you the chance to cast an envious eye over the various setups your fellow shooters are using. If you have a shooting-related problem or query then you’ll probably find someone who can help, and at other times you’ll be the one helping out a fellow shooter.

“Then there’s the camaraderie. It’s great to share some banter and have a general catch-up with a few like-minded individuals. Better yet, I’ve managed to make some life-long friends through shooting, and these are people who come from all walks of life. If it hadn’t been for our shared interest in shooting I’d never have met them and my life wouldn’t be quite as rich as it is now.”

New to the sport and looking for an affordable entry-level airgun under £500, pellets, scopes, or airgun accessories? Shooting UK is the place to come for all things related to the airgunning world.

So with that in mind, if you want to get amongst like-minded people and do what you enjoy, let’s take a look at some of the best airgun ranges in the country.


Airgun range near me – we list some of the country’s best


1. OnTarget – Indoor Air Rifle Range

  • Based in Northampton
  • Opening times: 10am – 7pm


Opening in March 2015, OnTarget provides a fully stocked air weapons store, a 25yd indoor air weapons range and a cafe, what more could a keen airgunner ever want? As well as offering free PCP refilling services and a multitude of different targets to choose from, OnTarget say: “We have secured partnerships with key manufacturers such as Weihrauch, Air Arms & Daystate and are able to supply and maintain these market-leading airguns. Our purpose-built range boasts 7 shooting lanes: 5 at 25yds for rifle and 2 at 10 meters for pistol use.”

You don’t need to be a member to stop by, but if you do want to sign up then that will give you a discount on the price of booking.

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2. The Cotswold Range

  • Based in the Cotswolds
  • Opening times: 9:30am-5:30pm


With 10 metre shooting lanes and lessons with NSRA qualified instructors, this range is a haven for air rifle fans hidden deep within the Cotswold Water Park (between Swindon and Cirencester). As well as offering the highest calibre facilities, they also offer a range of games that can be enjoyed by all, whether you’re a seasoned airgunner or you’re new to the sport.

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3. Doncaster Airgun Range

  • Based in Doncaster
  • Opening times: 9am – 7:45pm


This airgun range boasts that, “whether you are a competition shooter or wanting to explore the pleasures of airgun shooting, Doncaster Airgun Range is the place to be,” and with all they have on offer, it’s very hard to argue that. This airgun range boasts 18 indoor shooting lanes, from 38 yards to 45 yards, all state-of-the-art, and for beginners looking to try their hand, this range even offers expert tuition and advice is available from former British and World Champion Brian Samson.

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4. Ronnie Sunshines

airgun range near me

  • Based in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire
  • Opening times: 9am-5pm


Known also for the excellent service and kit they supply to airgunners all over the country, Ronnie Sunshines’ also boasts a fantastically fun set of airgun ranges. There are three ranges and over 100 targets to shoot, and boast that their range is suitable for anyone, somewhat tongue-in-cheekly, “between the ages of 12 and 112,” (although I’m sure that if you’re still spry enough to shoot well at 112, they probably won’t cut you off at 113). The three zones, Air Rifle, Urban and Military, look like they could bring out the joyous inner child in all of us, and offer expert help for those who wish to give airgunning a go perhaps for the first time.

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5. Insights Air Range

airgun range near me

  • Based in Ferryhill, County Durham
  • Opening times: 11:15am – 8:00pm


Providing an all-year, all-weather, 10-metre, 12-lane indoor range for air rifles under 12 ft lbs and air pistols under 6 ft lbs, Insights is another top of the range facility that are keen to mention that, “Shooting lanes are supervised by fully trained Range Conducting Officers (RCO) who are on hand to offer safety advice or training, should the need arise.” There are an abundance of different targets on offer, from drop downs, to bells, to cans and most anything else you can probably think of. So whether you’re a serious airgunner, a part-time plinker or a complete novice, Insights has something for everyone to enjoy and offer packages for events such as corporate getaways or birthday treats.

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