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Exercises for clayshooters

Tony Bracci gives some physical training tips for clayshooters

exercises for clayshootesr

None of us at the moment can get out and shoot as we normally would. There are, however, a 
few things that we can do to 
keep our eye in.

Hopefully, by the time 
you read this your local clay ground will be open again but these exercises for clayshooters will still be useful in between trips to 
the shooting ground.

Fit shooters shoot better

You will shoot better if you are fitter. I am not going to say that we should all be going out for a five-mile run but if you are fit and well you should be pushing yourself a little. Even going out for a walk does not simulate what we are doing on the shooting ground.

Walk with weight

The big difference is that when we are shooting, we are carrying a bit of weight – gun, cartridges and kit – around with us. I am not suggesting that you take your shooting kit out for a walk but you can replicate this weight with suitable alternatives to your shooting kit next time you go out for a hike.

Pick up your pace

Also, while you are out, pick your pace up to a marker and then return to normal walking pace. On a set distance or route walk, try and do it in a shorter time each day.

I have carried a bag on my shoulder in my years coaching and on most days it contained hundreds of cartridges and other kit. I found I was getting a bad back but after changing to a kit bag I carry in my hand, this has been resolved. I still carry the same amount of kit, just in a different way. This will not be the same for everybody; it is just to show that when you do something excessively it highlights any physical issues you may have.

Practise dry mounting your gun at home with an empty and safe gun. 

Exercises for clayshooters

exercises for clayshooters

Core exercises to strengthen core muscles to improve flexibility and stability that are important in shooting. Yoga, pilates, swimming and general workouts build good core strength.

exercises for clayshootesr

Specific gym exercises with shooting in mind

Focus on those that work the shoulders, using light weights and multiple repetitions to build up stamina, rather than heavy weights with few repetitions to build up bulk. Work both sides of your body equally. Shoulders are important when shooting, one soak soaking up recoil and the other guiding the muzzles, both working together with the mount. Shoulder press, sideways extension and rotational row exercises strengthen your upper torso and shoulders. You could consider a tailored exercise routine configures by a personal trainer.