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Catching up with the Femmes Fatales clayshooting club

Lydia Abdelaoui is PR and marketing officer at Gamebore Cartridges and co‑founder of Femmes Fatales Clay Shooting Club. Of course, she's also a keen Shot.

Femmes Fatales clayshooting club

Lydia Abdelaoui of Femmes Fatales

How did you first get in to shooting?

“I began shooting clays a few years after starting work at Gamebore – I thought it would be a good way to learn about our products. Although I didn’t properly get the shooting bug until I had a particularly fun day out with Rachel Carrie and a group of other women shooters. Since then it’s safe to say that shooting has taken over my life.”

What was your inspiration to co-found Femmes Fatales clayshooting club?

“It was when I was out with a small group of female shots that we spoke about how few women there were at clay grounds. We decided there and then to start an online community dedicated to encouraging more women and girls to try the sport. What we’d only ever intended to be a social media account quickly evolved in to the nationwide club it is today.”

Who are your role models within gameshooting and clayshooting?

“Rachel without a doubt is the ‘pheasant queen’. She’s the one that’s ignited my passion for game shooting – and I know she’s done the same for many other women. In clay shooting, Hannah Gibson, the current British Open Sporting Ladies Champion, is a brilliant role model. The way she sets herself a goal and works tirelessly to achieve it is truly inspirational. Both are so encouraging of other women shooters.”

What shotgun do you shoot with?

“I have a little 12 bore Miroku, the gun I first learned to shoot with and although I’m told it doesn’t quite fit me properly I can shoot very well with it and don’t want to let it go. I’ve just got a Caesar Guerini Syren – a gun designed exclusively for women – which fits like a dream. I intend to use this for clays, but I’ll be sticking with the Miroku and Black Gold combination for game.”

Which friend would you love to share a peg/stand with and why?

“I’d love to share a peg with Liane Burton who I met through Femmes Fatales. I watched her shoot her very first clay and now her first pheasant and her enthusiasm and excitement is infectious. She’s a powerhouse of personality and humour and a day out with her is a laugh a minute. She’s a great shot too.”

What’s the biggest misconception about women who shoot?

“That women don’t shoot! I’ve found that those outside of shooting and country circles still consider it a gentleman’s sport. People are generally quite stunned to learn that there are thousands of women that shoot in the UK, and genuinely impressed when I tell them more about how the number of women in the field is growing fast.”

You can get in touch with the  Femmes Fatales clayshooting club  here.