Mike George
The gun which immediately springs to mind is the Winchester Model 23, and although it has been out of production for some years now, there are still quite a few about on the second-hand market.

In its basic form it is appreciably heavier than the average sbs, but there was also a lightweight version.

The guns have high ribs, and at one time were the favourites among competitors in the side-by-side sections of major Sporting events.

Like modern O/Us, the guns have single triggers and pistol grip stocks. Good examples seem to sell at slightly higher prices than the Winchester O/Us of the period ? around £900.

The only other gun I can think of is the AYA Model 56, which is still in the AYA catalogue, and has the option of a high, ventilated rib.

Although I can?t find one currently for sale in the UK, I am sure that the importers, ASI of Snape (Tel 01728-688555) would be pleased to help if you really wanted one.