Dr Malcolm Plant, chairman of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors, gives a masterclass in target practice

mallards in flight

Wild birds

In gameshooting, point at the target and pull ahead has a very definite plus factor; wild birds don’t fly in straight lines but curl due to the terrain or the wind. As you mount the gun, with the muzzles pointing at the target, if the target curls keep pointing until you wish to pull ahead and pull the trigger. The target can only escape your technique in the fraction of a second when you pull ahead to put on the lead..

You’ve got to get the gap right and different shooters perceive this concept of lead in different ways; some are instinctive shots and cannot describe the gap and others use a mental measuring process. It’s better not to listen to your friends’ advice on lead, as you’ll likely get confusing and conflicting comments. Go and see a good coach if you are struggling.

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