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8 ways to improve your game shooting during the close season

Think it's time to put away your gun for a few months? Think again. Now's your opportunity to practice and improve your eye-to-hand co-ordination for game shooting

  1. Go and shoot lots of cartridges on a simulated shoot day. Take a few friends. It’s very social and more importantly, you’ll be keeping your eye in.
  2. Have a professional gun fit at a good shooting school. You may be surprised at how much it improves your technique, particularly if you haven’t done it before.
  3. Get your gun serviced.
  4. Book some lessons at a shooting school. Out of season you may get a good deal and three or four lessons could be the difference between you being an average Gun and becoming a good shot.
  5. Organise a day shooting pigeons. Sitting in a hide with a friend is a good chance to catch up and pigeon shooting is excellent for improving your shooting skills. It’s also tremendous fun.
  6. Practice on driven clays off a tower. This is a classic game shot, high and fast overhead.
  7. Get in touch with your local gun club or Sunday shoot and shoot a competitive round of sporting clays with a scorecard. You’ll be able to judge what your hit rate is and see how it improves over the summer.
  8. Every night spend around five minutes dry mounting practice so that the gun feels like an extension of you and your gun mount is smooth.