Comfortable, supportive, waterproof and breathable

If you’re in the market for new boots for shooting this season then cast your eye down this list. We’ve picked out boots in various price ranges, from £125 to £329. Buy the best that your budget will stretch to and do the cost-per-wear analysis. If you’re going to wear them every day for the next six months or so then that works out at less than £1 a day, and many of the boots below will last you more than one season.

Harkila Dogkeeper boots

Harkila Light GTX 10 Dog Keeper Boots RRP £229.99

These boots have been voted the dog handler’s choice for comfort when walking long distances. They are exceptionally lightweight and waterproof, which also makes them useful for beating or picking up on a wet and windy day.

Meindel Glockner boots

Meindl Glockner Boots RRP 294.99

Very hard-wearing. Robust nubuck leather uppers, with a GORE-TEX ® lining for waterproofing and breathability allow you to use these in complete comfort in any environment.


Le chameau footwear

Le Chameau Men’s Chameau-Lite LCX RRP £299

Le Chameau don’t just make the ubiquitous wellies you see at shoots. These 10″ stalking boots caught our eye, because they’re waterproof, breathable and made from oiled nubuck leather.

Anatom Rannock Extreme Boots RRP £300

Designed for hill walking, these will see you right over the roughest walked-up terrain. Created from a rough-cut leather that will cope with extreme conditions and made from the toughest part of the hide. Waterproof and breathable of course.

 Brandecosse Cervo Rosso

Brandecosse Cervo Rosso Boots £329

Robust and stylish. These waterproof 11″ high lace -up boots have proven popular with gamekeepers and stalkers, thanks to the excellent support and toe protection they offer. They feature a contoured and removable cushioned footbed and leather-lined collar.

Ariat Catalyst VX Defiant

Ariat Catalyst VX Defiant Boots RRP £320

Available in both 8″ and 10″ lengths, these boots are perfect footwear when spending a long day outdoors. Constructed from waterproof leather and featuring a Gore-Tex membrane, they also have a temperature-managing X-Static layer for odour protection when you are working hard. Something your fellow shooters may be thankful for when you take them off at the end of the day.

Trapper Heat Lowland Boot RRP £299.95

These boots have been specially designed for fieldsports in lowland areas and will keep you warm and comfortable this season. The integrated heating system has three different settings, so whether you are crouched in a bog or waiting in the line for that first bird to come over, these boots will keep your feet cosy.


Harkila Big Game Boa GORE-TEX

Harkila Big Game Boa Gore-Tex Boots RRP £269.99

This hunting boot features an innovative lacing system that allows for quick and easy boot lacing with just a few turns of a simple mechanism. Made from durable leather with a waterproof and breathable lining, the boots are reinforced in all the right places for comfort in the field.

Meindl Dovre Extreme high boots

Meindl Dovre Extreme High Boots RRP £324.99

These high boots would make a fantastic addition to any sporting wardrobe. Ideal for tackling challenging terrain, the boots are a great height for trudging across boggy ground, rigid yet flexible to give support when needed and totally waterproof.

Meindl Dovre boots

Meindl Dovre MFS GTX Leather Hunting Boots RRP £289.99

The shorter boot in Meindl’s Dovre range is ideal for roe buck stalking and is said to be comfortable straight out of the box. They are waterproof, of course, and as with all leather boots, they will look better and better with age.

Beretta Country GTX Boots

Beretta Country GTX Boots RRP £149.95

Designed as a hiking boot, these make ideal footwear whether enjoying your sport out on hilly terrain or walking on a gentle path. The upper is made of suede and Cordura with GORE-TEX ® Performance Comfort lining to keep the boots waterproof and breathable. They feature extra protection on the uppers.

Driven Hunt GTX boots

Harkila Driven Hunt GTX Boots RRP £299.99

These high leather boots are warm and hard-wearing for cold days and challenging fieldsports terrain. Completely waterproof and with a breathable and insulating membrane, they will allow you to cover any ground with ease.

Terrier GTX shooting boots

Terrier GTX shooting boots

Beretta Terrier GTX Boots RRP £125

This popular boot from Beretta is a sturdy bit of footwear designed for hill and field. The Gore-Tex ® lining guarantees water resistance and is breathable. The Vibram sole ensures good grip with a heel wedge for maximum shock absorption.

Best boots for shooting

Hawker Low Boot by Seeland £109.99

This new lightweight boot is designed for walked-up shooting and stalking. Comfortable, waterproof and breathable, these boots are from a brand known for putting its products through vigorous testing. Complete with a barefoot footbed and flexible sole, your feet will be well looked after.

Zamberland sequoia boots

5032 Sequoia Top GTX RRP €219

Versatile and flexible, these hunting boots are suitable for wild boar and deer stalking, which involves long waits in cold conditions, or pointing with dogs on the moors for a grouse. The Gore-Tex®  lining keeps the feet dry, working as a shield against cold and humidity. The Nubuck leather collar guarantees excellent comfort around the ankles.

Meindl Island MFS Active boots

Meindl Island MFS Active Boots RRP 279.99

If you are in need of a new pair of boots for the season ahead, then these are a good investment. They are made with robust leather and have a waterproof membrane so your feet remain dry and supported. The boots also have memory foam so that your ankle is cushioned when walking over rough terrain.