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Should I start clayshooting with a 20-bore?

A beginner needs some advice ...

clayshooting with a 20-bore

A Rizzini RBEM Deluxe 20-bore

Q: I am new to clayshooting and see that everyone at a nearby gun club where I’ve been having lessons is using 12-bores. My dad (who doesn’t shoot) is going to buy me a 20-bore as a present but will I be able to take part in the shoots with it? Should I start clayshooting with a 20-bore?

A: Of course you will! A 12-bore is the largest sized gun allowed by the sport’s governing body, the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (and hence shooting grounds) but there’s nothing to say you can’t use something smaller.

One of the reasons for picking a small bore gun is its lighter weight which is helpful if you are slightly built and not strong enough yet to use a 12-bore.

If you are large enough to handle a 12-bore then get your dad to change his mind and buy a suitable 12-bore instead. The slightly heavier weight will let you better cope with recoil and it also helps keep the swing going when the gun’s in the shoulder and moving with the target.