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11 of our favourite semi-automatics for wildfowling

We put forward a range of semi-automatics that we'd recommend for wildfowling.

Remington Versa Max semi-auto shotgun

Lincoln Premier WildfowlerLincoln Premier Wildfowling Gun

As the name suggests, this fits the bill for a gun that’s dedicated to wildfowling – however it also has potential for other uses, including clay pigeon shooting. You can read our full recent review here, with a thorough write-up. £1200.

Hatsan Escort Magnum semi-automatic shotgun

Hatsan Escort Magnum 

This is a versatile gun that’s not only good for wildfowling, but finds popularity with pigeon and vermin shooters and also proves handy when clayshooting. Full review here. £412

You might like to look at the other Hatsan Escort shotguns we have reviewed, including the Hatsan Escort semi-automatic and the Hatsan Escort Xtreme Max.

ATA Venza ATA Venza

It is something new, but there are a good deal of tried-and- tested design principles in this gun. You can read a full review in the December 2015 edition of Sporting Gun magazine (why not take out a subscription here to make sure you always get your version promptly).

Remington Versa Max

Changes to the new model made this gun more reliable, harder wearing and much easier for the user to handle, shoot and maintain. Although it comes with a steepish £1,800 price tag, it has the features, reliability and technology that allow it to compete with others in this bracket.


Franchi AffinityFranchi Affinity 

This is a fine entry-level semi-automatic shotgun and it comes with a generous seven year warranty. You can read the full review here. £640

Benelli Super Nova 12-bore

Benelli SuperNova

As used by our expert wildfowler Tom Sykes,  our reviewer says that this gun is a cut above what we have come to expect in the past from pump-actions. You can read more of the review here to help you make your mind up.

Mossberg 500 Pump Action 


In the UK, the pump-action shotgun is still regarded as a bit strange but some roughshooters and wildfowlers have a more appreciative view of the pump gun, as they simply require a tool to do a job reliably in a harsh environment. We review the Mossberg 500 Pump Action here, but you might also like to read about the Mossberg 930 Waterfowl semi-auto shotgun and the Mossberg 535 pump-action shotgun. 
beretta 1301 semi auto

Beretta 130 

The Beretta 1301 was unveiled at the 2013 CLA Game Fair where it created a great deal of interest among gamekeepers and pest controllers thanks to its large capacity magazine which means it can only be held on a firearms certificate. £1,110.

Browning A5 

Browning are so confident in this gun’s reliability that they actually guarantee it for 100,000 rounds.
Read the full review here. £1,274.

Weatherby SA-08 semi-auto shotgun full

Weatherby SA-08 

For the dedicated wildfowler, there is the Waterfowler version sporting all over camouflage. Read the full review here.

Webley & Scott .810

Webley & Scott .810

Who would have believed, in the first years of the 21st century, that Webley & Scott would be marketing a range of semi-automatic shotguns? £449. Read the full review here.