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Popular shotguns for the pheasant season

We thought it was a good time to pick out some top-performing game guns, rated by our readers and experts. Each would hold its own on the grandest drive or the most challenging walked-up day.

man with gun in gunslip

Shooting cape from Purdey

What you need to consider when picking out a game gun

  • Weight
  • Gauge
  • Style
  • Action
  • Budget

Patrick Galbraith, Editor of the Shooting Times, comments when discussing shotguns for pheasant shooting: “I would say that there has been a move towards affordable guns, with pairs of Mirokus becoming a frequent sight out in the field.” 

Patrick also recommends pheasant shooters looking at the Blaser F16 and Blaser F3

Blaser F16

Blaser F16

Blaser F16

The F16 is a shotgun built to a very high standard and certainly one that will last.

Blaser F3

Blaser F3

A well-engineered shooting machine in which handwork has been kept to a minimum.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon

A deservedly popular gun, Beretta’s Silver Pigeon comes in many different models. The company recently brought out the Silver Pigeon 1 Game Scene 12-bore which offers a new take on the decoration.  Prices start at £1,775. Take a look at the Beretta 686 Onyx and the 686E Evo shotgun too

Browning 725 Game Gun 

Want a good-all round gun for game? You found it. The Browning name is synonymous with game shooting but the 725 is also a good option for shooting club clays.

preparing for the new season

Pheasant shooting tips

Looking forward to going out into the field in the next few weeks? I’ve compiled a list of pheasant shooting…

Beretta EELL Combo Shotgun 

This was mentioned by readers and reviewers time and again so it’s obviously very popular. It comes in at a higher cost that the 686, as the stock features more attractive wood. It works very well as a combination and will hold great appeal for the sportsman who wants to adapt quickly from one gun to another.

Purdey Sporter

Purdey Sporter

Purdey 20 Bore Sporter

“If you’re going to do it, do it in style,” says Huw Clarke of Game On Game Services when we asked him about his favourite guns for pheasant shooting. He picked out the Purdey which comes in at £37,200. For that you get a superb gun that is a delight to own and use, beautifully finished in Turkish walnut.