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14 reasons why stalkers need to know about the DTC 3 – the first thermal clip-on device from ZEISS

Hunting at night has never been clearer


The ZEISS DTC 3 thermal imaging clip-on changes night vision for ever.

As hunters we are all ambassadors for our sport and should always strive to show hunting in the most positive way. A key element of this is being an ethical hunter, by using the correct ammunition, being aware of range and having clear visibility of the quarry and surrounding area.

The last thing any hunter wants to do is to take a poor shot. Hunting has honourable traditions reaching back centuries. Yet embracing new technology is also welcomed by conscientious hunters.


Beautifully designed, the DTC 3 is easy to use and handle.

Clearest night vision

Now ZEISS has designed the new DTC 3 thermal clip-on device to assist the hunter by supplying the clearest night vision possible. Seeing at night is always challenging, particularly when hunting a clever and robust species like wild boar. Wild boar are worthy adversaries and can cause much damage if visibility and accuracy are not optimised. The DTC 3 will be welcomed by hunters using it in a high seat in the forest or field, or out stalking in the forest and field.

ZEISS DTC 3/38 and 3/25

The DTC 3/25 (right) is ideal for hunting in wooded areas and stalking. With an extended detection range, the DTC 3/38 (left) offers accurate precision for open field hunting.

14 reasons why the DTC 3 is a must-have for hunters

  1. With a thermal clip-on device there is no need for an artificial or additional light source to ensure clarity of vision.
  2. The same DTC 3 can be shared with another hunter. Exchanging the device between riflescopes is straightforward.
  3. The app-controlled zeroing assistant makes zeroing precise, simple and reliable.
  4. Two models are available for different hunting requirements: the DTC 3/25 and DTC 3/38 models.
  5. Both feature a large and high-contrast 1024 × 768 HD AMOLED display
  6. High quality germanium lenses are optimised for thermal radiation.
  7. Device settings can be matched to the user’s requirements and stored as a profile in the app. Four possible shooting profiles give generous flexibility.
  8. The control buttons on the DTC 3 can be mirrored onto a smartphone, so it can be used as a flexible remote control.

    A flip cap protects the lens and allows reaction in seconds.

  9. The DTC 3 allows for a longer stalk than expected, offering a battery life of 10 hours in continuous use.
  10. Standby mode is automatically activated at a lateral tilt of 45 degrees or a downward or upward tilt of 70 degrees.
  11. Standby mode is deactivated simply by pressing the power button.
  12. A two-piece adapter allows fast and easy mounting and dismounting of the thermal clip-on device.
  13. The ZEISS DTC 3/25 is excellent for hunting in wooded areas or when stalking, with a FOV of 18.4 metres at a distance of 100 metres. At this range the hunter can easily recognise key details even in total darkness and at short distances. It is ideal for the hunter who needs to react quickly.
  14. Hunters stalking out in the open field will opt for the ZEISS DTC 3/38, which covers a larger area of up to 1950 metres. It has a FOV of 12.3 metres at 100 metres, with an accurate click value of 1.6cm at 100 metres.

Try the DTC 3 for yourself

The best way to see how the DTC 3 could benefit your hunting style is to try one for yourself at your local ZEISS dealer. Take the device in your hands, feel its weight, see through the optics and appreciate the ergonomic design in full. Then imagine how it will inspire your hunting plans.

The DTC 3/38 model will be available in Summer 2022 and the 3/25 will follow soon after. However after inspecting the DTC 3 for yourself, you can register your interest with the dealer if you wish.