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4 x 4 tyres. Top 10 things to consider in the field

For a successful day in the field, let’s get your 4x4 working to its full potential!

General Tire

Even if you have chosen the right vehicle for your needs, it’s choosing the correct tyres that will get your 4×4 over any terrain that lies ahead.

BASC’s 4×4 and SUV Tyre Partner, General Tire, offers you the top 10 things to consider on the field:

1. Choosing the right type of tread pattern for the terrain you’re driving on ensures you get the best possible grip for terrain you are traversing on. The options are a road, all-terrain or a mud-terrain pattern. Whether you spend all your time driving on the road or the majority off-road, General’s Grabber GT Plus, Grabber AT3 (all-terrain) and the Grabber X3 (mud-terrain) will offer your vehicle the best performance and grip for the condition of service.

General Tire

2. You should remove any stones that are trapped between the tread blocks, as this will help to prevent punctures that can be caused by stone drilling.

3. After driving off-road examine your tyres for any cuts and damages to the tread and sidewall.

General Tire

4. Have regular tyre safety checks – many garages offer this service for free – periodically this will ensure your tyres and wheels are balanced to minimise uneven wear and improve comfort.

5. Before any journey, it’s important to check the tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure to avoid uneven wear.

6. If you are towing trailers, this may increase the load on the tyres, and you should consult your vehicle’s handbook for the recommended tyre pressure.

General tire

7. In certain off-road conditions, to improve grip you could reduce the tyre pressures, but you will need to consider buying a portable tyre inflator to re-inflate the tyres to the normal on-road pressures when returning to the highway. Consult your local 4×4 tyre expert for advice.

8. We recommend that you consider replacing your tyres at 3mm tread depth for maximum safety and gip performance, especially in the wet.

9. It’s strongly recommended that tyres on 4×4 vehicles are used in identical sets of 4, (same size, make, pattern, load index/speed symbol). The vehicle manufacturers recommendations should also be followed.

10. If you’re planning on driving in Europe at certain times of the year, there is a legal requirement for tyres to be marked with the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol (3PMSF) in certain countries – General’s Gabber AT3 performs well in all-seasons.

With the BASC tyre partner, members are eligible for 10% off the RRP on General Tire in July. The offer is available on selected 4×4 and SUV patterns through an exclusive website platform for independent tyre retailers, allowing you to buy your tyres from your local, trusted expert retailer online.

General Tire will be on Row D in the Land Management area of The Game Fair at Ragley Hall with 4×4 tyre specialists on hand to offer you expert and impartial advice to help you find the right tyres for your vehicle.

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