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A flock of decoys

Realistic, light and effective - these decoys from Sillosocks will make the geese come and take a closer look

Canada goose sentry decoy

Canada goose sentry decoy £7.50

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Most wildfowlers are aware that geese are naturally curious birds and will fly down to investigate something that particularly catches their attention – which why effective decoys are so important.

At a glance it should be hard to tell a decoy apart from a real goose, whether it’s a feeder decoy, a sentry decoy or an active ‘flapping’ decoy.

Pinkfoot goose sentry decoy

Pinkfoot /Grey Lag goose sentry decoy £7.50

Sillosocks have a range of lightweight, washable goose decoys for different species which give the wildfowler useful choices. All have ultra realistic patterns, enhanced with UV Vision print which allows the geese to see the decoys as they would a real bird. The feeding decoys will bob about in the slightest breeze to mimic the movements of a feeding goose (and attract others to feed).

Pinkfoot goose feeding decoy

Pinkfoot feeding decoy £7.50

Wildfowlers will also appreciate how easy to store and transportable the Sillosocks decoys are when trudging across the marshlands (the feeding decoys weigh just 8g, the sentry versions with 3D heads 20g). All the decoys shown here are designed to be quickly and easily set-up and taken down when it’s time to move on.

Kit like this needs to be robust as well as lightweight and the Sillosocks decoys have this covered too – the Tyvek material body will withstand hard usage and can be spruced up in the washing machine afterwards (but not tumbled dried!)


Canada goose feeding decoy £7.50

Customers and shooting professionals love them. David Virtue who is often featured on The Shooting Show says: “I have used Sillosocks pinkfoot goose decoys for four seasons now & found them to be the best decoys on the market, the slightest breeze gives you movement in your decoy pattern, being very durable, lightweight & easy to set up.”

At £7.50 each these decoys offer great value.

Pinkfoot Hypa-Flap decoy

Pinkfoot Hypa-Flap decoy £30

For even more life-like movement to lure passing geese, Sillosocks have Hypa-Flap versions for each species which when mounted on the included pole will further fool the birds into landing into your pattern. They retail at £30.

flapping goose decoy

Canada goose Hypa-Flap decoy £30

All the products featured are by Sillosocks and can be bought online here at UK ShootWarehouse who are the European distributors.