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Act now or our countryside will change forever

BASC is issuing a national alert for shooting, following the publication of Welsh proposals that will severely restrict gamebird releasing.

A 12-week Natural Resources Wales public consultation proposing a licensing scheme for all gamebird releases in Wales has been described as a significant threat to the countryside. BASC is calling on everyone in the UK to help shooting in Wales and say no to the proposals.

BASC has launched an “Act Now” campaign to raise awareness of the threat and galvanise the shooting sector to respond to the consultation, showing the strength and determination to fight an increasing anti-shooting agenda.
The campaign seeks to engage everyone involved in game shooting – plus other rural businesses – in Wales and across the UK whose income or land management benefits from sustainable shooting; from Guns, beaters and pickers-up, to pub landlords and farmers
BASC’s Wales director Steve Griffiths said that a groundswell of opposition was required if the shooting community is to be heard.

Steve said: “The Welsh Government has taken an increasingly toxic view on recreational shooting in recent years, these proposals to restrict gamebird releasing are just the Welsh Government’s next step in shutting down game shooting in Wales.

“This is the thin end of the wedge. The introduction of a licensing regime in Wales presents future governments in Wales and across the UK with an open goal to ban game shooting.

“This is a clear attack on shooting and what happens in Wales could happen elsewhere tomorrow. The rural community must make its voice heard and everyone across the UK needs to act now and say no to these proposals.”

To find out more and have your say visit BASC Act Now