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All day airgun action with the new ZEISS Conquest V4

This is the scope you'll be able to pass onto future generations and this is why

Zeiss Conquest V4

The scope that will be passed down through the generations

More and more of us are thinking about sustainability when we make purchases these days and we’re also looking to make purchases for longevity of use. Such requirements are exemplified by the ZEISS Conquest V4. Something that probably comes as no surprise. After all, the precision of German manufacturing is renowned and the German optics brand ZEISS has been praised for its high quality telescopic sights.

The ZEISS Conquest V4 is a scope which has been created to be inherited by future family members. A design that will remain relevant in the years ahead. Airgun Shooting commented on its “incredible build quality” when reviewing.

However it has also been designed to be an accessible purchase with prices starting at £895.

As a reviewer said: “The ZEISS Conquest V4 … delivers remarkable value for its price point.”

When reviewing Mat Manning commented: “Brightness and sharpness of image are better than on some scopes costing twice as much”.

Fine performance

So the ZEISS Conquest V4 offers longevity at a good price. But let’s look further into the performance offered.

Precision is key to rifle shooting which is why parallax is an issue. Scope parallax is an inconsistency in the view that you see, which causes the cross hair to move across the target when you move the position of your eye. So the reticule is not an accurate reflection of where your rifle is pointing.

The Conquest V4 addresses this simply and effectively, allowing you fine tuning of the parallax with a handy side adjustment wheel.

Side parallax adjustment on the Conquest V4

Shooting Times contributor and expert airgunner Mat Manning reviewed the ZEISS Conquest V4 scope and commented: “An excellent choice for anyone looking for an optic to complement a modern pre-charged airgun. I have been using a V4 for the past year and it has performed brilliantly both on the range and in the field.”

Mat took the ZEISS V4 out for a day’s shooting, from dawn to dusk, for a thorough work out and tried it with different air rifles. “I shot right through to dusk on my very first outing with it, taking full advantage of its excellent low-light performance. As the crosshair began to disappear into the gloom, the illuminated central element of the reticle still ensured a clear aiming point.”

Ten levels of brightness are offered to cope with different light levels and illumination is controlled by a dial next to the parallax wheel on the left turret.

If you’re looking for a pest control accessory that will work round the clock, this is it.  Watch Mat Manning try the ZEISS Conquest V4  in the video below and read  detailed information on the ZEISS Conquest V4 here.

From dawn to dusk

When the mist is swirling at dawn the Conquest V4 deals with poor visibility efficiently.

As the dusk falls, dark targets can be dealt with thanks to the efficient contrast controls, with the central point of the 60 crosshair illuminating to suit you and the conditions you find yourself in. The Conquest V4 is never too bright and never too dim because you set it to suit you. Just adjust the outer dial on the left hand turret for light and the inner dial for parallax adjustment.

Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope

Even with cold hands it’s easy to adjust

Colder weather

Even when you’re wearing gloves to deal with the chill you won’t be fumbling with the controls. Dials are ergonomically designed with grooves for a steady grip, turning smoothly for parallax adjustment and light conditions. However the zoom ring is set firmly enough to stay put when touched unintentionally.

The Conquest V4 deals with damp too, as it is waterproofed and nitrogen-purged to prevent fogging.

ZEISS Conquest V4

The Ballistic elevation turret (top) and the finger adjustable windage (side). Both have grooves for ease of handling.

Wind and rain

In strong gusts the V4 holds its own. Aim point layouts assist with pellet placement when shooting in crosswinds so that precision is never compromised by conditions. The adjustable windage turret has clear and reassuring click stops, with each adjusting aim point by ¼ MOA. Pull it up for swift adjustment and snap back down into position.

Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope Review

The Ballistic elevation turret allows a stop position to be set

Ease of use

The Conquest V4 is designed to be intuitive to use and users will quickly learn to assess the holdunder and holdover required for various distances. Airgunning targets are thrown into sharp relief from 10 yards to infinity. You can set a stop position with the Ballistic elevation turret to return accurately to zero.

Reviewers have reported adding their own calibrated distance markers to estimate range accurately and quickly when the target appears.

Weighing just over half a kilogram (or 22.6oz) the Conquest V4 is an unobtrusive bit of kit that won’t weigh you down. Its presence is felt only by the superb performance it turns in.

Airgun targets

Airgunners will find the Conquest V4 the ideal telescopic sight for range shooting, pest control and field targets. It’s a useful companion for everyday use when light is challenging and will work over medium and long distances. Thanks to the 16x setting, targets are thrown into sharp detail.

Walking along hedgerows or inside barns low light isn’t an issue as everything comes into focus and targets are more easily identifiable.


The Conquest V4 is designed to be tough and sturdy. Lenses are water repellent and any muddy splashes can be wiped off.

Tech specs

  • Model: Conquest V4 4-16 x 50
  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Lens diameter: Objective 50mm.
  • Eyepiece 34.5mm
  • Exit pupil dia: 8.5 to 3.1mm
  • Eye relief: 90mm
  • Field of view: 28.5 – 7.1ft
  • Focal range on full magnification: 10 yards to infinity
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 356mm (14in)
  • Weight: 652g (22.6oz)

Want to see for yourself?

Find a local dealer stocking the ZEISS Conquest V4 here and see how this scope could upgrade your airgunning potential.