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Altcar Estate – a truly unique and unforgettable experience

If your passion is game shooting then Altcar Estate is the place to visit. Once the shooting home to the 2nd Earl of Sefton, close friend to Prince Regent George IV, the Altcar Estate played host to a number of Royal hunting and shooting days.

Situated in a country coastal location, the Altcar Estate can offer a wide variety of traditional game including partridge and pheasant days, alongside morning, evening and ‘under the moon’ goose and duck shooting.

The Altcar Estate is set amongst 3,000 acres of farmland, woodland and cover crops, with a topography that is perfect for fast partridge.

Due to the country coastal location, the Altcar partridge are some of the fastest and most challenging that you can shoot in the UK.

Early season partridge days are excellent to warm up a line of guns, and get well prepared and practised for mixed days later in the season.

The Estate incorporates a number of drives, such as ‘The Withins’ and ‘Tin Roof’ that are renowned to deliver birds that challenge even the experienced guns, but still provide excellent field sport for shooters of all levels of experience.

Along with early season partridge, the Altcar Estate offers excellent mixed days from late October to the end of the season.

Full days of mainly pheasant, partridge, ducks along with the possibility of snipe and widgeon can be enjoyed by parties up of to 8 guns.

DUCKS AND GEESE – Morning, evening and night flight available
The jewel in the Altcar Estate’s crown is our unique resource for wildfowling. It has been estimated that 30,000 – 40,000 geese roost and feed in the North West of England during the winter months as part of their southern migration from Iceland.

The Altcar land is used for the arable farming of potatoes, barley and other crops which makes it a very attractive feeding area for ducks and geese.

Wildfowling is one of the most rewarding ways to hunt.

Spending time patiently sitting and waiting in the early or late hours of the day for the birds to feed means shooters will see some of the most spectacular morning, evening and night skies in winter, and encounter the sights and sounds of the UK’s finest wildfowl.

There is nothing more exhilarating that placing out your decoys, calling for birds and seeing them swoop in to feed on the mere.

Altcar is situated on a main migratory path for geese travelling south from Iceland to feed and roost in the relatively warmer winter climate of the UK.

Whether you prefer to wake early for morning flight, partake in evening flight or shoot under the moon for late night flight, we can arrange the perfect outing for ducks and geese.

We can provide individual traditional mixed bag days for up to 8 guns. Ideal for those who have a passion for traditional game such as roving syndicates, corporate entertainment days or for a group of friends, we can put together a great day out for the team.

Lunch at Altcar’s own shooting lodge and refreshments between drives are included.

We can accommodate for a full week of driven game or for short breaks (2-3 days), plus we can put together a bespoke package that includes luxury accommodation, breakfast, refreshments between drives, gourmet shoot lunch and transfers for up to 8 guns plus non shooting guests.

If required, we can provide transfers to and from an airport or other meet points, to take full parties to and from their selected hotel, and to and from the shoot.

Our recommended hotels are steeped in local history and heritage, and therefore make for the perfect stay once the day’s shooting has finished.

Whether you prefer a traditional country manor, or a chic, contemporary environment, we can arrange the perfect place for you to stay.

As game shooters, The Team at Altcar understand the important elements to make a good shoot outstanding. With over a 150 years of game shooting experience combined, the individual members have shot and hunted game birds and big game in the UK, Scotland, USA, Africa, Argentina and elsewhere.

Therefore we want to combine all the outstanding factors of game shooting and include them into the Altcar Estate Experience.

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