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Another world title for English Sporting world champion Sam Green and his trusty Browning Ultra XS Pro The Crown

Sponsored: Sam Green and his Browning Ultra XS Pro The Crown reach the top of the world.

The British shooter Sam Green has added another gold medal to his collection, having already won two senior world championship titles and three junior world championship titles.

Sam Green and his Browning Ultra XS Pro The Crown

Says an enthusiastic Sam: “It’s incredible, this title was one of my personal objectives, and now I have it. This is my second title with a Browning Ultra XS Pro, it couldn’t be better.”

The Ultra XS Pro The Crown, the world champion shotgun, is a gun forged for the highest step of the podium. Supplied with 8 Invector+ titanium chokes and a pro kit for adjusting the length of the stock and balance, this shotgun is enhanced by magnificent silver engraving.

When he reviewed it for Sporting Gun, Mike Yardley said: “The devil is in the detail, and here the detail is just right.”

The British shooter Sam Green with the winning trophy

He continued: “This was a steady gun to shoot. It felt solid – the sort of gun that acts predictably and with which one could build a decent score if you did your bit. I did not have time to trick it out to my exact inclination, but shooting it as it came out of the box, and not even bothering to raise the stock, I struggled to miss anything.”

Becky McKenzie who also reviews guns for Sporting Gun said: “The more I shot this gun, the more I liked it.” (Read her review of the Browning Ultra XS Pro here.)