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All about ATN Europe thermal imaging

World-leading thermal imaging manufacturer opens up its wide selection of thermal monoculars to hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and search & rescue operators in the EU market.


ODIN LT – Compact Thermal Monocular

This thermal handheld scanner is light and ergonomically designed to be handheld or mounted to a helmet or headgear for observation. Slim and ergonomic, it fits perfectly in your hand. Boasts a 320×240 60 fps 12 µm sensor, black hot and white hot modes, ergonomic design, and simple controls.



The new OTS-XLT is an affordable thermal monocular designed to support both video recording and picture capturing during your outdoor activity. It is a great entry-level thermal imaging device with a 160×120 px / 17 µm 50 Hz sensor, black hot/white hot/color modes, a built-in smart rangefinder, heat tracking, and an internal re-chargeable 10+ Hrs battery.



The OTS LT thermal monocular has been completely redesigned, it is compact and a lightweight thermal handheld scanner. Powered by ATN’s new obsidian LT core and cutting edge 160×120 17 µm / 320×240 12 µm sensors for sharp, crisp infrared monocular images in white hot or black hot. With a long-lasting battery life of 10+ hours and simple, easy-to-use controls.


Featuring a full suite of features and sensors that has set the obsidian 4T line of products apart from the competition. Ultra-sensitive next generation 384×288 / 640×480 sensors, video record in 60FPS, smart rangefinder, easy to use, dual stream video, 16+ hrs battery life.