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ATN makes night vision technology affordable

A hidden hunter entry level package with a day and night vision scope and thermal handheld spotter for under £1,200

The X-sight LTV day and night rifle scope.

The X-sight LTV day and night rifle scope.

When we are out hunting at night one of our main aims is to remain undetected for as long as possible, yet we still still rely on lamps and torches that spook and startle. For most of us this is because taking our first steps into the world of night vision or thermal equipment requires us to remortgage the house. However, with ATN’s new night hunter package, this is no longer the case.

Electronic light enhancing technology as well as thermal has moved on hugely in recent years, allowing manufacturers to reduce costs, which in turn makes these products more accessible to the everyday shooter. So much so that ATN Europe now offers an entry level package that includes the OTS XLT, a handheld thermal spotter for detection and their X-sight LTV, an electronic day and night rifle scope for identification and making the all important shot. All this for under £1,200.



The thermal handheld spotter

Let’s start by taking a look at the ATN OTS XLT. The XLT is a lightweight ergonomic handheld spotter with simple controls, weighing just 370g so it won’t weigh you down either. It uses a 160 x 120 resolution thermal sensor and has a battery life of over 10 hours, more than enough for any shooting trip. It even has video and photo capability with 8GB internal storage.

On the base of the unit there is a tripod mount and a USB C connector for fast charging as well as downloading photos and videos from the device. The XLT has a clear and bright display and is operated from four simple buttons so there are no confusing menus.

The four buttons operate as follows:

  • At the front you have the power button
  • Moving backwards the next button is the media button. A quick press for a photo and longer press to start recording video.
  • The third button cycles through the unit’s four colour pallets; white hot, black hot, and two multi colour pallets.
  • The fourth button operates the zoom function.

The OTS XLT thermal spotter will allow you to remain unseen while scanning the fields for any heat sources from your quarry, without causing aching arms.

The OTS XLT thermal spotter

The OTS XLT thermal spotter

Day and night rifle scope

Next up in the package deal from ATN is the X-sight LTV day and night rifle scope. As the name suggests, this scope is as comfortable in the field during the day as it is at night, thanks to its QHD+ ultra low light imaging sensor.

The X-sight LTV is simple to use with clear and easy to navigate options. Couple this with ATN’s own one shot zero system and ultra low power consumption electronics giving you 10+hours of continuous run time. This unit will give you the upper hand night after night.

Change in and out of night mode, record video, zoom, and change the screen brightness with the press of a button. It could not be easier. The buttons are designed so that they can be comfortably operated even when the shooter is wearing gloves. The industry leading 90mm eye relief makes it suitable for use on any calibre.

The LTV is easy to mount as it uses standard 30mm rings which are supplied in the box along with an IR illuminator, USB cable for charging, scope cover, and an eye cup. Everything you need to get out there.

X-Sight LTV_Main EU

The LTV is easy to mount


On a recent outing I had the opportunity to put this combo to the test and I have to say I was suitably impressed. Standing against the front of my 4×4 with my .223 resting on the bonnet I scanned the horizon with the OTS XLT. It was not long before the XLT picked up a fox sized heat source at the bottom of the next field walking along the hedge line. I started calling it in and as it got closer I could see that it was indeed the chicken thief the farmer had called about. I swapped to the LTV mounted on the .223 and continued to call it in closer. At around 70m I stopped calling and shouted. The quarry stopped in its tracks and I pulled the trigger. Without the OTS XLT there is a good chance that I would not have spotted him in the first place, but through the thermal his body heat shone like a beacon. The image quality through the X-sight LTV was exceptional. No mistaking the quarry and I had great confidence in my shot placement.

A great deal from ATN

The package deal illustrated applies to ATN OTS XLT 2-8x and ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9x only.

To take advantage of this package price please contact one of our optic specialists directly on: +44 2081451986 or [email protected]