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B525 Game Laminated: Stand out for more than just your skill

The hunting version from Browning

Browning B525 Laminated

Browning B525 Game Laminated

The B525 Sporter Laminated created a buzz when it was launched. At the time, we took the bold step of bringing out a shotgun with a laminated wood stock, a material that had traditionally been the preserve of rifles. Such a choice has multiple benefits, from its resilience in harsh environments, its solidity, and the performances that you get from a more stable stock. This year, we are bringing you a hunting version: the B525 Game Laminated!

Why choose a laminated wood stock?

The first major advantage of a laminated wood stock is the high density of the material, which makes it extremely robust. Laminated stocks are far more resistant to humidity. The glue that we use to bond our birch stocks can also withstand water.

Whether you’re on the range or on a hunt, you don’t have to worry about getting your gun out. This is where a laminated stock really excels. Laminated stocks are stable, improving accuracy slightly and service life in particular. The key components are hand-fitted, giving them an outstanding lifespan. The rigidity of a laminated stock further strengthens this characteristic quality in our shotguns. The laminated stock of the B525 Game Laminated also offers other benefits. The birch wood is dyed in the mass, so you can make it look as good as new with a little sanding. We also do not use any substances that are toxic to the environment or the gun user.

Our B525 Game Laminated are available in 12M and 12M True Left Hand