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B525 Liberty: small or tall, nobody should give up on performance.

The B525 Liberty is designed for women, youngsters and hunters that are not fully satisfied with regular stocks. It has an aluminium action frame decorated with scrolls on the engraving. It possesses a Monte Carlo style stock with an adapted pitch.  

The advantage has been modified with respect to standard models and will be clearly preferable for ladies without impairing men’s comfort when shooting. A 20mm recoil pad is mounted on the gun, 12mm and 25mm recoil pads are supplied in the box. Well balanced and light, its level of technical perfection will give you a feeling of real liberty. 

During the making of a B525, the gun moves from one gunsmith to the next to be entirely hand finished, thanks to the expertise acquired over many years by each of the gunsmiths. 

This is the only shotgun on the market at this price level that is hand fitted during production to such a high-performance level, making each shotgun truly unique. Fitting important parts (barrel, action frame, forend) is done by hand using traditional methods (using red ochre) so as to make the Browning B525 the reference in shotguns. 

The attention paid to detail when manufacturing and fitting every Browning B525 is unique, just like the “Browning feeling”. 

The B525 Liberty is supplied in calibres 12M, 20M and 12M True Left Hand. 

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