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Browning B525 Exquisite : deep engravings and fancy woods

Browning B525 Exquisite

Jewellery and gun making have more in common than you might imagine. Just look at the B525 Exquisite and you’ll see that. The finesse and depth of its engraving give this gun a unique character. The engraving covers not only the action frame but also the trigger guard, in an attention to details typical of all exceptional guns.

Browning B525 Exquisite

Browning B525 Exquisite

The grade 4 walnut wood underlines even more the nobility of this hunting gun. The pistol stock ensures an optimal prehension. At the end of the stock, an Inflex II butt plate absorbs a large part of the recoil. The forearm is typical of hunting guns. Perfectly balanced, this gun allows you to have a natural swing.

Available with 28′ or 30′ barrels, the B525 Exquisite is steel proof. Its 6mm full band allows for immediate target acquisition. The 5 Invector+ chokes that come with the B525 Exquisite allow you to deal with any situation, whether you are hunting or clay shooting. An automatic safety, included in the box, can easily be mounted on the gun if desired.

Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge, the B525 Exquisite retails for around £4,249 for the 12 gauge and £4,325 for the 20 gauge.


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