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Arrive at a shoot in style with General’s 4 x 4 tyres

It is a familiar sight on a shoot to see rows of 4x4s. They are widely considered essential vehicles for those who regularly go shooting, as they are highly practical for driving off-road, when needed, with plenty of storage space and the added power when towing trailers. 

Having the right vehicle is one thing but fitting the wrong tyres will limit where you can drive. It not only is embarrassing if you get stuck in the mud on a shoot, as this causes delays to the proceedings, but can dangerous too. Fitting the right tyres will ensure you get the most out of your day in the field. 

General Tire has products for all driving situations – from road bias, all-terrain and mud terrain tyres. All options allow you to get the most out of your journey and a day in the field. So, whether you spend all your time driving on the road or the majority off-road, General Tire’s Grabber GT Plus, Grabber AT3 (all-terrain) and the Grabber X3 (mud-terrain) will deliver your vehicle with the best performance and grip for the conditions of service.

If you drive off-road in addition to on-road, the Grabber AT3 all-terrain tyre is the most practical choice. This pattern will offer you a combination of exceptional off-road grip and on-road performance. The AT3 will safely take you from home, to the shoot estate and even to your peg in the field. This tyre provides grip all-year-round and the self-cleaning effect ensures traction when driving over muddy fields and dirt tracks. The AT3 has many size options for 15 to 22-inch rims, covering the majority of crossover, 4×4 and SUV vehicles.  

General TireSporting Agent, Paul Childerley runs a shoot at the 2,000-acre Beckerings Park estate in Bedfordshire and fitted to his Ford Range are General’s Grabber AT3 tyres. He is using his vehicle for shooting and his work as a gamekeeper at the estate. See him in action here using the Grabber AT3s.  

The Grabber GT Plus is an ideal pattern for your vehicle if you spend much of the time driving on road. It’s a product for every day driving situations. The GT Plus is designed to deliver reliable performance, providing confidence at high speeds and outstanding grip on wet roads. Its tread pattern delivers even pressure distribution in the contact area with the road, so the tyre provides a longer lasting performance, mile after mile. The Grabber GT Plus will take you to any destination, no matter how challenging and adventurous the road may be. With a size range for 15 to 23-inch rims, SUVs fitted with the GT Plus are sure to stand out in the field. 

Expert advice

Dave Dineen, 4×4 and SUV tyre specialist says: “My recommendation is that for vehicles being used in road-orientated conditions, the Grabber GT Plus is ideal. If the vehicle is being driven off-road as well as on road, then an all-terrain type pattern, like the Grabber AT3s, will be more suited for the conditions of service. The AT3 will give you the best of both worlds – a quiet drive, good grip in wet and dry conditions and enable off-road performance with its interlocking tread pattern. If you are a Gun and need to drive off-road then the AT3s will give you the grip you need on the field. ”  

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