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Ted Williams Farm Supplies Ltd was founded in June 2000

The majority of my products are sourced from abroad, which allows me to set my prices realistically.

I have several products that are undeniably the most popular products to date in my product range.

The 5ft heavy-duty fox trap is incredibly popular along with my 4 weld spring feeders, that are now flat at the end, saving on wasted food.

My website has proven to be a fantastic avenue for sales and driving customers to phone us so can build a relationship with them as opposed to ordering on Ebay.

Collections are always welcome, again so we can chat to our customers and find out exactly what they are looking for so hopefully in the future we can cater for our customer son a wider scale of products.

Our Carbery heating oil tanks are probably the most competitive in the country!

We have sold Carbery for 14 years now and we have a fantastic relationship with them, we have even had built a new to show our confidence in Carbery.

We are now doing a lot of local shows, game fairs, riding club events and farmers markets in and around Warwickshire to promote Teds, we want to go back to the old fashioned way of dealing with our customers face to face and not online.

Our chain link prices along with our chicken netting, mesh and C8-80-15 are of great value to the end user and of trade are always welcome.

Why not visit our depot and see for yourself or follow us on face book “Ted Williams Farm Supplies” to see where we are exhibiting next!