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The Maral 4X, from success to success!

Known for its "Quick Reloading System", the Maral provides the shooter with unprecedented speed and unprecedented shooting comfort. Browning combines this technology with its experience in the manufacture of guns and its and its expertise in safety with its 7-pin bolt, which is already fitted to over a million rifles worldwide. Efficiency is also measured the breech, which remains confined in the case, allowing continuous aiming during firing.

Maral 4X

Maral 4X

For the new generation of Maral 4X, we have developed 5 areas that give our customers a new shooting experience.

Improved accuracy

The Maral 4X are even more accurate than their predecessors, already renowned for their excellence. This feat has been made possible by a threaded assembly of the barrel on the receiver. But not only that! The barrel and receiver interface is also more rigid. The bearing surfaces and wood thicknesses of the stock are of the stock are enlarged.

Maral 4X

Standardized barrels

The 4X range was developed for modular comfort and ease of customisation. Manufacturers know that any modular system requires a common base. This is why all the barrels on the new Maral 4X are fluted and threaded. We’ve also included a modular barrel-mounted sighting system that can be re-configured in seconds. The barrel is also pre-drilled for a battue rib or a Kite Optics K1 Reflex red dot sight.

Advanced hand cocking system

The hand cocking system travels 25% less for greater shooting comfort. The knob is also larger for easier handling. The Browning hand cocking system now also comes as standard on all Maral 4X.

Maral 4X

A stock for each shoulder

There are 5 wooden stock references: a grade 2 & 3 ambidextrous pistol stock and a Bavarian stock for right-handers in grade 2, 3 or 4. Products will soon be expanded to give every hunter the right stock for them.

New-look aesthetics

The new styling of the MARAL 4x will immediately catch your eye. A number of the Maral 4X models feature a new engraving.

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