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The new ZEISS V8 riflescopes range: 20 things you need to know

The new generation ZEISS V8 riflescopes are here with a choice for every hunter - whether you are on a driven expedition, stalking, hunting from a high seat or long range shooting.

ZEISS 4.8-35x60

The ZEISS Victory V8 - a most versatile riflescope

No two hunting expeditions are ever the same – which is why ZEISS has created its new V8 range. A collection of riflescopes that offers the ultimate in versatility and performance for different purposes, weather and terrain.

ZEISS Victory V8

The new ZEISS Victory V8 range offers precise images, performance-orientated design and short reaction times

What gives the new ZEISS V8 riflescopes range the ultimate edge?

  1. Four different riflescopes are available, all of which allow you to react quickly for the best results.
  2. ZEISS V8 1.1-8×24 is ideally suited for quick shots at close range
  3. ZEISS V8 1.8 – 14×50 is a superb all-rounder for multiple stalking situations
  4. ZEISS V8 2.8 – 20×56 is excellent for long-range shooting, even in the dark
  5. ZEISS V8 4.8 – 35×60 for unparalleled sharpness at long distances
    The illuminated dot feature is the world's finest

    The illuminated dot feature is the world’s finest

  6. The illuminated dot feature on each scope is the world’s finest, offering precise adjustment and easy setting. At a fraction of the thickness of a human hair it covers extremely small targets – 3.3mm at 100 metres.
  7. Maximum zoom and reticle adjustment ranges offer unsurpassed flexibility and versatility.
  8. The Ultra-FL Concept contains several SCHOTT fluoride glass elements for true colour, brightness, clarity and target identification.
  9. All optics are fully waterproof.
  10. Optics designed to remain stable, withstanding bumps or shocks without being affected – just run a test shot afterwards.
  11. The multifunction illumination control button can be quickly and silently operated even when wearing gloves. Illumination is automatically deactivated as soon as you put the weapon down and reactivates as soon as you take aim, leaving you free to focus and react fast.
  12. ZEISS T* coating gives brilliant, high-contrast images even in poor light conditions and at dusk.
  13. An extra-large eye box allows the user to view the target faster and maximises the area seen.
  14. The  ZEISS LotuTec® coating allows a clear and unimpaired view even in the wettest, dampest weather.
  15. All the ZEISS V8 scopes are suitable for use with “clip on” attachments to increase stability.
  16. ZEISS V8 riflescopes are designed to cope with extreme weather conditions, whether desert heat or freezing snow.
  17. Salt water has no effect on the ZEISS V8 scopes.
  18. All magnifications, from the lowest to the highest levels, allow infinitely variable settings.
  19. A short, sleek and compact construction enables easy handling.
  20. ASV LongRange enables precise shots at maximum distances, maintaining the principles of ethical hunting.

For more information on the new ZEISS V8 range of riflescopes visit ZEISS