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The Velveteen Game Carrier

The Velveteen Game Carrier was born out of necessity and designed (patent pending) by Andrew Foster – Proprietor of Augustus Pink, who has been shooting since he was a boy.

Andrew is a craftsman who has designed and hand-made high quality, bespoke products for over forty years.

He saw a need for a practical game carrier and after talking with gamekeepers, shooters and beaters alike, he decided to set to work on designing one.

“I wanted to design a carrier which would not only be functional, but also look good, and one which our customers would be able to own for many years to come”.

The Velveteen, aptly named after the Victorian gamekeepers (Velveteens), enables you to walk, shoot and work your dog hands free of birds.

It fits over your head diagonally from shoulder to hip and is designed to wear at all times whilst on the shoot; therefore it is always ready to accept birds.

“The Velveteen is an Antique of the future”

“On our small informal shoot only one or two members of the syndicate chose to carry game bags. Inevitably the majority of the birds got stuffed into them, at times this resulted in heavily-laden game bags being left behind to pick up on our way back, or some stoic soul almost being cut in half carrying them!”

“When being a walking gun one tended to shoot a bird or two, carry them in your hand until another bird presented itself, then the birds had to be quickly dropped to enable you to take the shot”

During the design process of The Velveteen all aspects of the product were taken into account; durability, function, tradition, style and aesthetics.

It was decided to make three different models, using the best quality materials available.

The Deluxe model is made with full grain leather and solid brass.

It sits well over any attire and always looks good as well as being practical at the same time.

It has the appearance of a traditional item due to its good design, strength and durability.

The Classic model is made of leather and webbing with aluminium body and is available in several colour combinations from rich autumnal tones to polished aluminium.

The Elite is made with the same materials as the Classic but scaled to suit ladies and young shots and is also available in a range of colours.

All are fully adjustable to your own size, which allows the user to carry the birds at a height to suit themselves.

“I wanted to design a carrier which would not only be functional but also look good – and one which our customers would be able to own for many years to come”.

“The presentation of the velveteen was just as important to Agustus Pink as the product itself.”

“We felt the Veleteen needed to be well presented, so we sourced a box manufacturing company who are still using the same machinery today as they did in the 1920s to produce our traditional heavy card box” .

Augustus Pink has received strong positive feedback from its customers, one happy customer commented: “The Velveteen is an antique of the future”.

Augustus Pink have received many repeat orders from their existing customers, as they comment that: “The Velveteen is a fantastic, high-quality product that is beautifully packaged and makes a fantastic gift for Christmas and Birthdays”.

You can order your handmade Velveteen by phone or on our website!