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The ZEISS DTC 3 – ethical and accurate hunting even in total darkness

Ethical hunting at its best

In the coming years, skilled stalkers are going to become more and more sought after. Woodland creation is a key part of the Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan, which includes increasing the area of woodland in England to 12% of land by 2060. (In March 2022 woodland was estimated to be 10% of land area.) This means millions more trees and proper management of Britain’s growing deer population to protect the trees from damage.

Wild boar are also thriving. According to figures from Forestry England, the population in the Forest of Dean was around 100-150 in 2008. By 2021/22 numbers were estimated to have grown to 937, with the target population around 400.

Obviously culling is necessary to ensure the health of the species and the health of the local landscape.


The ZEISS DTC 3 thermal imaging clip-on changes night vision for ever.

Helping hunters

Today’s focus is on culling ethically and cleanly and more and more hunters are using modern technology to achieve this.

The new ZEISS DTC 3 thermal clip-on devices fulfil the brief competently and reassuringly. The watchword is clarity of vision. With the DTC 3 stalkers can react quickly and spot the quarry even in total darkness and at short distances.

Getting to the stalking ground can often take a while, so hunters need to know that their equipment is charged and ready for use for a stalk that needs to be as long as it takes. The DTC 3 devices offer a battery life of 10 hours, in continuous use, so have been designed with practical use in mind as well as superb vision abilities.

The device automatically goes into standby mode when not in a shooting position. Simply press the power button to reactivate.

If necessary, charging can be supported via a powerbank.

Looking more closely

No two stalks are ever the same and terrain differs. So ZEISS has created two models which suit different hunting requirements.

The ZEISS adaptor allows the DTC 3 to be used by up to four different rifles

Both offer the versatility of accurate hunting at night, without the need for moonlight or artificial light sources like IR-torches. In addition, the same DTC can easily be shared with another hunter (on up to four different riflescopes) and different profiles can be stored on the ZEISS Hunting App.

The ZEISS Adapter guarantees no shot deviation after mounting and dismounting.

ZEISS DTC 3/38 and 3/25

The DTC 3/25 (right) is ideal for hunting in wooded areas and stalking. With an extended detection range, the DTC 3/38 (left) offers accurate precision for open field hunting.

Stalking in woodland

The DTC 3/25 is an ideal companion for hunting in wooded areas or when stalking, with a FOV of 18.4 metres at a distance of 100 metres. The stalker using this device will be able to confidently recognise key details even when it is completely dark or distances or short. If quick reactions are needed, this is the right choice.

It is also light to carry around, weighing just 560g.

Stalking in the field

When shooting from a high seat in the field or stalking open terrain, then the DTC 3/38 is the right choice. It offers accuracy at long distances, even at night, with a detection range of 1950m.

Highly exact shooting is guaranteed thanks to an accurate click value of 1.6cm at 100m, offering precise zeroing.


Both the DTC 3 devices have high-quality germanium lenses optimised for thermal radiation, the latest generation of 12-micron sensors, a large HD AMOLED display and sophisticated image processing.

Clear controls mean the ZEISS DTC is easy to operate and adjust, even in the cold and wet wearing gloves.

Easy to operate

Cold or wet fingers are no issue when operating the DTC. The focus turret is on the top of the device allowing easy and precise adjustments. It is easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

The operating buttons can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users.

Other features

  • A flipcap protects the lens from dirt and scratches without touching other parts of the rifle
  • The Shoot-In assistant allows for fast zeroing at any distances, with no calculations needed.
  • The control buttons of the ZEISS DTC 3 can be mirrored on a smart phone, so it becomes a flexible remote control.


The best way to see how the DTC 3 could benefit your hunting style is to try one for yourself at your local ZEISS dealer. Take the device in your hands, feel its weight, see through the optics and appreciate the ergonomic design in full. Then imagine how it will inspire your hunting plans.

The DTC 3/38 model is available and the 3/25 will follow soon. However after inspecting the DTC 3 for yourself, you can register your interest with the dealer if you wish.

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