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A Thermal Imaging Helper for Entry-level Outdoor Users: InfiRay Cabin Comes to You

Are you looking for an entry level thermal imaging monocular which acts as a good assistant for outdoor sport?

Cabin Series by Infiray

The Cabin series launched by InfiRay Outdoor is definitely your best choice-with compact body, powerful functions and amazing image features among entry level thermal imaging monoculars.

Powerful Core, HD Images

The Cabin series adopts Infiray’s Powerful Core – 12μm detector, which is more sensitive to infrared perception. 1280×960 HD display shows you vivid imaging in details, and the 50 Hz frame rate present you every moment smoothly. Ultra-clear also comes to Cabin while before only the medium and high level products feature this function. Your steps will no longer be stopped by bad weather such as rain, snow and fog, you can achieve better clarity on imaging, crisper and sharper images, richer detail and levels of imaging, and improved recognition of observed targets by turn on this function.

Cabin Series by Infiray

Smart Functions, Easy To Use

Easily use smart functions are built in Cabin. Motion sensor and electronic compass accurately identify the angle and inclination, and in according to the estimated height of the observation target, through stadia-metric rangefinder, you can obtain the approximate distance from the target to determine the target position. While you are observing, Cabin can also record every wonderful observation moment in outdoor, 16 GB internal storage provides the storage capacity of 24 hours videos or approximately 20,000 images. WiFi mode allows up to 4 simultaneous connections.

Cabin Series by Infiray

Superior Tools, Designed For Outdoors

Besides smart functions, Cabin also equipped with superior tools, which were born for outdoors. Are you worried about the short battery life of outdoor equipment? The Cabin is equipped with a 3100 mAh quick-release battery pack, which can be quickly loaded within a few seconds, and has a battery life of 7.5 hours. We also supply another battery and desktop charger for you, so you don’t have to worry about being short of power. Cabin also incorporates a unique quick-focusing knob, which can be adjusted quickly within a range of 100° in real time and present your target faster in real time. Adjustable LED light illuminates the road for outdoor activities with an illumination distance of up to 50 meters, which improves your long-term outdoor use and field search ability.

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