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Tools and tricks for perfect off-road driving

Driving through rough terrain is a demanding skill frequently needed by those involved in country pursuits. But no matter how experienced the driver, getting stuck on uneven ground happens to the best of us.

off-road driving

Off-roading demands particular skills from the driver

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Whether you’re immersed in muddy soil soaked after a downpour, slip-sliding over slimy stones or dodging deep ditches – you need to ensure that you and your 4X4 SUV are fully prepared for an extreme drive. Being ready means starting by fitting the right tyres and finishing by packing the boot with useful tools., the online retailer of automotive parts and accessories, offers the kit you’ll need.

Tyres on road

Fit tyres developed especially for off-road ventures

The right tyres for off-road driving

Regular all-season tyres won’t perform well on rough and wet surfaces. You need to fit treads specially developed for the off-road driving experience:

  • All-terrain tyres. Thanks to their reinforced design and deeper tread, they offer enhanced grip on rugged and wet terrain without compromising comfort on paved roads. These are a good option if you often have to drive through mud, sand, gravel, or stones.
  • Mud terrain tyres. Love a dirty ride? Then you need mud tyres with aggressively moulded tread blocks that offer maximum mobility on loose terrain.

Driving on hostile surfaces increases the risk of getting a puncture. Nobody wants a flat tyre at the best of times, even less out on remote moorland. It’s well worth considering run-flat tyres which can save you from being immobilized somewhere in a dark forest. Although you’ll always need a spare, however good your tyres are.

Off-road driving in snow

Keep essential kit ready in your boot

Vehicle stuck? Here are some tips and tricks to break free.

Always ensure you have some key equipment ready in your boot.

  • If your tyres lose traction, try putting some gravel, grass, or tree branches under the ‘problem’ wheel. You will need to let air out of the tyres to do this, so make sure you have a foot pump to reinflate the tyre afterwards.
  • Don’t forget hand tools such as a shovel, axe, pick, and sledgehammer.
  • Consider the Maxtrax products – light but strong nylon plates with aggressive block patterns that add traction. Put them under the ‘problem’ wheel and moving the vehicle back on track suddenly becomes much easier.
  • Take a chainsaw. This tool can be very useful for clearing the way when blocked up trees are blown down in high winds.
  • Grab a long rope. Have a reliable rope in the boot (20-foot nylon rope is perfect for pulling an SUV, pickup, or a Jeep).