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Why the new ZEISS V8 range is essential kit for stalkers

A stunning collection of riflescopes designed for different disciplines and terrain

ZEISS V8 riflescopes

ZEISS is always looking at how it can improve its offerings. Investigating the latest technology and engineering to offer an even better experience.

Which is why the company decided to develop the new V8 range.

All hunters are different

Different quarry, changing landscapes and environmental conditions demand a variety of proficiencies and so the riflescopes in the V8 range have been designed for diverse disciplines. Some are ideal for driven hunting and use in a high seat. Whilst others will suit stalkers working at long-range and Alpine hunting.


Whilst the four riflescopes in the V8 range are distinct, they all share some valuable features.

ZEISS extra-large eyebox

An extra-large eyebox is a stand-out feature of the new ZEISS V8 riflescope range

Extra-large eyebox

The stand-out detail of all the V8 riflescopes range is the extra-large eyebox, which is larger than the human pupil. A feature users will notice and appreciate immediately as it gives them more room to position their eye. Getting on target quickly is key to successful hunting and a large eyebox makes this much easier, allowing eye and ocular to work together in swift unison.


The illuminated dot feature is the world's finest

The illuminated dot feature is the world’s finest

World’s finest illuminated dot

ZEISS riflescopes give a new definition to the concept of precision. This is thanks to the ultra-fine illuminated dot and low target coverage. The result is an impressive 3.3-millimetre target coverage at 100 metres, even for the smallest targets and greatest distances.


Superb magnification replicates natural human eyesight


The magnification permitted by all riflescopes enables the hunter to lock onto the target much faster. ZEISS has designed its scopes to be used with both eyes open – so the hunter feels more connected and aware of the local environment. Images are shown in full and with a greater visual balance.

ZEISS Victory V8

The multifunction button features on all four riflescopes

Multifunction button

Successful hunting is about silence and speed. So ZEISS has designed a multifunction illumination control button to be used quickly, quietly and intuitively – even wearing gloves. Put the rifle down and the illumination is deactivated. Pick it up and it reactivates. Time and energy are saved and the user is ready to aim immediately, whatever the light level.

A clear view in all weathers

Superb image quality

The Ultra-FL Concept contains several SCHOTT fluoride glass elements for true colour, brightness, clarity and target identification. Quarry and environmental details are shown in high resolution, even when the weather and conditions are challenging.

The ZEISS T* coating guarantees brilliant, high contrast images. Even in the wettest weather the ZEISS LotuTec® ensures a clear view.

Other features

  • All optics are fully waterproof.
  • Optics designed to remain stable, withstanding bumps or shocks without being affected – just run a test shot afterwards.
  • All the ZEISS V8 scopes are suitable for use with “clip on” attachments to increase stability.
  • ZEISS V8 riflescopes are designed to cope with extreme weather conditions, whether desert heat or freezing snow.
  • Salt water has no effect on the ZEISS V8 scopes.
  • All magnifications, from the lowest to the highest levels, allow infinitely variable settings.
  • A short, sleek and compact construction enables easy handling.
  • ASV LongRange enables precise shots at maximum distances, maintaining the principles of ethical hunting.

Which ZEISS riflescope is right for you?

ZEISS V8 1.1-8×24

ZEISS Victory V8

ZEISS V8 1.1-8×24

Ideally suited for quick shots at close range. This is the scope equipped for everyday hunting, maximising the successful outcome.

ZEISS V8 1.8 – 14×50

ZEISS 1.8-14X50

ZEISS V8 1.8 – 14×50 is a superb all-rounder for multiple stalking situations

A superb all-rounder for multiple stalking situations and possibly the most versatile of the V8 riflescopes. A large field of view of 23 metres at 100 metres at the lowest magnification and extremely light to carry.

ZEISS V8 2.8 – 20×56

ZEISS 2.8-20X56

ZEISS V8 2.8 – 20×56 offers bright images in the twilight

Excellent for long-range shooting, even in the dark, thanks to the 20x zoom and optional bullet drop compensation. The 56mm objective lens gives accuracy even in low light.

ZEISS V8 4.8 – 35×60

ZEISS 4.8-35x60

ZEISS V8 4.8 – 35×60 for unparalleled sharpness at long distances

Maximum sharpness of image, thanks to the 35x magnification. Take precise shots from the longest possible distance. The riflescope offers an elevation adjustment range of up to 140cm and a click value of 1cm/100m per click.


More about the ZEISS V8 range

The quality of ZEISS lenses is legendary and the reason why so many hunters and stalkers are loyal to the ZEISS brand.

For more information on the new ZEISS V8 range of riflescopes visit ZEISS