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Would you bet your life on ambulance response times to ‘your’ peg?

rescue helicopter

Think of any peg, on any shoot that you attend, then ask yourself – if a friend, a guest, a beater, a picker up or I, suffered a cardiac arrest, would an ambulance be there in 10 mins?

“Survival rates drop 7-10% every minute without defibrillation”-Arrythmia Alliance

Your location will likely mean – NO

It is the aim of The Countryside Defibrillator Initiative that on every shoot, on every shoot day in the UK there is a defibrillator/AED in a vehicle, gun  bus or on the keeper’s quad. With a defibrillator on site, you give the 20 to 30 people involved in the day the best chance to survive cardiac arrest – then, at the end of the day, take it home!

Defib Plus is actively championing The Countryside Defibrillator Initiative, these are hard times, but now is the time to make this life or death decision to be prepared. All defibrillators supplied by Defib Plus are classified as Public Access Defibrillators and are designed for use by the untrained or initiated, simply open the unit and you are guided throughout the resuscitation with visual and audible instructions.


Purchase your Defibrillator/AED and Tier 1 support and maintenance from Defib Plus before 01/04/23

  • 130% – tax deduction/rebate on your capital outlay, HMRC Capital Allowances Super Deduction scheme (please seek you tax advisors’ advice)
  • Free – battery packs and electrodes. Future proof against price rises in these essential consumables
  • 100% – tax deductible maintenance (please seek you tax advisors’ advice) includes consumables and in-built litigation and liability protection.
  • Replacement AEDs – (Tier 1) state of the art and like for like at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty – Free (why pay to replace)
  • Monthly inspections and certification – outsource this to us as part of your equipment maintenance. (100% tax deductible, please seek your tax advisors advice)

In addition and as part of this reader offer, you will also receive a fully automatic unit with 10% off the RRP, typical cost – £995:00 + VAT.

This offer is not limited to shoots and is available to all who wish to make this life saving provision for any scenario in any field, both recreational and commercial.



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