Man taking aim with a 28-bore shotgun

Looking at a 28-bore shotgun and cartridges

A good shot and friend of mine has been invited to shoot stupidly high birds on a commercial pheasant shoot where the headkeeper is a little sniffy about any cartridge that doesn’t carry at least 1.1/4oz (36gms) of big lead pellets in a plastic wad. Even my mate’s other friends…

Beretta A400 28-bore semi-auto

Second-hand small-bore shotguns – what to buy?

A second-hand 28-bore or a .410? With more than £1,000 to spend on a small-bore shotgun, either a 28-bore or a .410, our reader has plenty of scope. In fact, he could buy a new gun if he so wished, particularly if he looked at the Turkish market. If he…

Easter holiday activities for Young Shots

What’s the best first gun for a youngster? A .410 or a 28-bore?

Which is the best first gun? My son, who is 12, is keen 
to start shooting and I am considering buying a light side-by-side .410. However, one 
of my shooting friends thinks a 28-bore might be more suitable. Which of the two is the best first gun? Many experienced shooters…

Rizzini Round Body Classic 28-bore

With its Italian “guild action”, light yet smooth handling and honey-coloured stock, the Rizzini Round Body Classic is a joy, says Lewis Potter

Benelli Raffaello Crio 28

Twenty-eight bores are flooding gundealers' racks, but the high-tech, fast-handling Raffaello has an edge on the rest, says Lewis Potter

The 28-bore’s rise in popularity

The 28-bore’s rise in popularity

Close to extinction 30 years ago, why has the 28-bore seen such a dramatic rise in popularity? It’s the gun of choice for the roughshooter, says Robin Marshall-Ball